Now that Bitcoin has rebounded from its mid-week slump, when it dipped below the $500 mark for the first time in a while, Bitcion holders are feeling pretty good.

And those of you who got in around, say, Wednesday and bought low, you’re looking at a possible 140% ROI in dollars in just two days (BTC-USD is trading for about $700 at the time of writing).

So to welcome our new friends — Bitcoin’s nouveau-est of nouveau riche — here’s a quick list of three places where you can splurge your newfound wealth without having to trade back to fiat currency.

That’s right: The high life, paid for in Bitcoin.

1. Lamborghini Newport Beach

This car dealership in Costa Mesa, California, made waves a couple of weeks ago when it announced someone bought a Tesla Model S with Bitcoins. Shortly thereafter, a second Bitcoin payment went through (to the tune of 216.8 BTC) for a Lamborghini Gallardo.

But, OK, we hear you: No need to flaunt your new wealth THAT obviously. You can still get yourself a quality, reasonable care with your Bitcoins.

In Dallas, Texas, Sam Pack’s Five-Star Ford offers new and used models from one of Detroit’s legacy brands. And just south of Kansas City, on the Kansas side, Overland Park Jeep Dodge Ram Chrysler will sell you a brand-new drop-top Sebring or a Jeep Wrangler for your Bitcoins.

Too tame? OK, we understand. A Sebring doesn’t really constitute a splurge, anyway.

So how about something that combines the exoticness of Italy with the vintage appeal of Don Johnson in a white blazer? Sound all right? Then go pick up this 1991 Ferarri Testarossa for sale at

2. Tomcar

If you’ve got a mind for a good off-road adventure, or if you’re just a redneck at heart, check out these Australian all-terrain vehicles.

The bottom line: The Tomcar prototype was developed by the Israeli military to better accommodate air deployment in places such as the Sinai Peninsula (turns out their Jeeps couldn’t handle the drop from a helicopter).

Tomcar has been accepting Bitcoin payments for nearly two months, and you can find your local dealer at

3. BitPremier

“The Bitcoin Luxury Marketplace” offers the esteemed buyer everything from a Ulysse Nardin watch to an autographed Jerry West jersey.

But the best find, as far as I’m concerned, is this loft apartment in Buenos Aires (price: 500 BTC). Not only is the neighborhood fashionable, but your leftover Bitcoins might soon enough be the only currency of any value left in Argentina.