While Bitcoin and digital currencies are often seen as the domain of the cyber-geek – crypto-currency is becoming sexier by the day and if you are a lady with a cryptic style you might like to try some of these shops to spend your virtual coins on real beauty products. 

Beauty from Verbena Products 

Verbena Products LLC is a family owned online store specializing in health and beauty products from famous brands like Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Lancome and others. 

They say to “scour the planet in search of the best product opportunities. Through our worldwide network of suppliers, we purchase thousands of high end health and beauty products at extraordinary prices.” 

The company is based in Florida, USA, but international shipping is also available. 

Kakoi Style Cosmetics 

Kakoi Style is an online seller of Japanese cosmetic goods and grooming products for those who are unable to shop in Japan themselves. 

The company was founded in 2008, and launched in 2009 by a Japanese couple living in Hong Kong who sees their mission as: “striving to meet this need, by offering a professional, easy to use website and having fair prices.”

The range of products on Kakoi Style include body, face and hair care for women and men, and are from such manufacturers like Gatsby, Liese, Asience, Lucido-L, Vidal Sassoon and many more. 

All prices are displayed in USD but customers may choose digital currency as a payment method

“We are happy to announce that we now accept Bitcoin as a payment method for all our orders around the world! If you live outside the countries that are accepted by our usual payment processor, Paypal, you were probably unable to order from us. But using Bitcoin, you can now place orders like everywhere else, which is something we are very happy about.” 

International shipping is also available and a few different shipping options. They have a minimum shipping charge of $2.00, after that the shipping fee is based off weight of the total order. 

Dermor Store for Skin Care 

Dermor Store is Isralian company selling product for skin care including gels, creams and liquids to treat skin problems such as atopic dry skin, for acne-prone and oily skin, anti aging and more. 

Dermor Store Bitcoin payments are proccesed with Coinbase.com while all prices are displayed in Israel Shekels, ILS. 

Moreover, they offer free international shipping to 86 countries of the world. 

Also they promise that each order of five or more products will include the product "hand cream series 'Active' 70 ml for free. 

Not a bad list of retailers for a start. 

So ladies, now we can take a really good care of our beauty and skin health using digital currency.