As nonfungible tokens (NTFs) and the metaverse continue to take center stage, several companies involved in crypto trading are jumping on this bandwagon. 

One of these companies is Phemex, one of the top crypto trading platforms in Singapore. On Nov. 25, Phemex celebrated its two-year anniversary with a campaign called “Choose Your Reality.”

This investment platform has come a long way over the last couple of years, and it now wishes to reward its community that made it all possible. 

The “Choose Your Reality” campaign is a celebration of all of Phemex’s accomplishments, but most importantly, of its fundamental mission to help individuals “break through and break free.” 

As blockchain technology makes the world more digitized and decentralized, new opportunities for financial freedom are beginning to emerge. With the consistent support of passionate users, Phemex has risen as a trustworthy shepherd, personally guiding brave explorers into a better reality.

The journey

Starting with just three contract pairs, Phemex has blossomed into a platform that competes fiercely on the global level, with 40 spot pairs, 39 contract pairs, and over 1.5 million users. Phemex was decisively built to put regular investors first.

The exchange traded at an all-time high of $12.4 billion in volume and is consistently ranked within the top 10 derivative exchanges on CoinMarketCap.

Despite its relative youth, Phemex’s history stands out with a number of events and services that have now cemented its reputation as a dedicated trailblazer that offers new financial opportunities for all.  

Soon after its launch in 2019, the exchange conducted a viral puzzle challenge and gave away 2.1 BTC to spread awareness of the importance of private key self-custody.

Last February, to assist those suffering from the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, Phemex launched a relief fund. In May 2020, the company announced “The Era of Zero” feature, which introduced zero-fee spot trading for premium members on the exchange. 

And after launching its “Earn Crypto'' program at the start of this year, enabling traders to earn up to 10% APY on USDT deposits of up to $1.5 million, Phemex collaborated with its community to list its first-ever NFT on OpenSea. The artwork contains the ETH deposit addresses of over 1000 Phemex users. It was auctioned off for 44 ETH (valued at $100,000 at the time), and all proceeds were split amongst the participating users.

Phemex’s co-founder Jack Tao states, “Many businesses claim to embody the ideals of crypto and blockchain, but the reality is that they’ve simply implemented the same old models, driven by profits and self-interest, to a new space. Our slogan, Break Through, Break Free, perfectly represents our values and goals as a company. Phemex offers everything needed for a person to break through into a better system where true individual financial sovereignty is not only encouraged, but hardcoded into its foundation”.

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Future plans with NFTs and the metaverse

With a successful past, Phemex now keeps a vigilant and hopeful eye on the future. The platform is no stranger to adopting nascent concepts, even launching its own GameFi product to celebrate last year’s anniversary. To commemorate two years in the blockchain industry, Phemex is making an even stronger commitment to its ideals while being inspired by the metaverse concept.

The metaverse represents the next stage in the evolution of social technology, and Phemex is dedicated to making it a reality. 

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