TOP-7 Bitcoin-Related Applications for Google Android OS

Often preparing articles on a new service or company working online, the Coin Telegraph provides links on the corresponding smartphone applications. The reason behind this is very plain – many businesses and everyday activities are done not just online in front of desktop computers, but mostly in motion and on the run. Let us observe the most interesting and popular apps forming a must have of every Bitcoin and Android user.


EGGIFY – Bitcoin Classified


Times installed: up to 500

Rating: 4,9 (based on 18 votes)

The operating principle is very simple – You have Bitcoin and would like to spend it, or have a wallet that could be filled by some extra coins earned. The app lists cryptocurrency-friendly merchants and places in three cities - San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. All data provided by the software is classified and summed up in lists. The first one seen after loading is “Category list” – to choose places accepting Bitcoin to spend or earn some. Further lists include the nomenclature of available goods and products. Comfortable navigation and interface are the reason of success of the application.


Bitcoin Dictionary


Times installed: up to 100

Rating: 3,7 (based on 3 votes)

The application is valued very high among offline applications. In case You are new, but need to get basic and intermediate knowledge on Bitcoin – the dictionary presents the opportunity. The definitions are written in plain language without complicated terms, can be searched or chosen from a populated list. Hair-shirt design is enough to perform the task.  


Texas Bitcoin Conference


Times installed: up to 500

Rating: 4,7 (based on 3 votes)

It is a pity that such a great application was designed for a single event that has already taken place. Robert Balderas on Google Play called this app: “The best conference app I have seen so far.” The features provided are really excessive: full schedule, list of speakers with profiles, "What's On" option to track current presentations, listing of exhibitors and many more interesting functions. It is also provided for iOS users.



Bitcoin World Map


Times installed: up to 1000

Rating: 4,2 (based on 21 votes)

The Bitcoin World Map is a very useful application every Bitcoin user has to have. In case You are often travelling, spending coins and would like to be up to date, use the map to define merchants, retailers and servicemen accepting the virtual currency. The app stands out among competitors due to pre-defined features:

1. It has a user defined projection radius (in imperial or metric system).

2. It gives the user the ability to choose which categories to show.

3. It alerts the user when they reach a Bitcoin accepting place.

Bitcoin Dash 3D

Times installed: up to 5000

Rating: 4,1 (based on 55 votes)

The Bitcoin Dash 3D is classified as a racing game. To be more precise – the user has to run and to collect Bitcoins. The game can be considered as real fun, but be careful – do not get addicted.


Bitcoin Buzz Feeds


Times installed: up to 10000

Rating: 4,5 (based on 111 votes)

The application receives extraordinary positive feedback and is presented only to Android users. The principle of operation is very easy and designed both for phones and tablets. The user receives the most recent reports on events and research done automatically by the software. The installation reduces time required for browsing all sources on Bitcoin – Reddit, BitcoinTalk, numerous Twitter feeds, etc. All data is compiled in real-time modus to equip users with information at first hand.  


Bitcoin Paranoid


Times installed: up to 100000

Rating: 4,7 (based on 2170 votes)

The most appreciated application from our list is designed for real Bitcoin-addicted people. The numbers above show that this statement is nothing else than true. The software is merely a notification bar equipped with and alarm to inform its users about the current price of the virtual asset. The period for information acquisition can be set equal to 10 seconds, 1 minute, 15 minutes and 1 hour. Data is collect from 8 sources, which is enough for competent and proven information.


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