Personal Details


Tuur Demeester, near Bruges, Belgium





Ghent University


Professional experience and achievement



After reading Ludwig von Mises’s Human Action as a student, Tuur decided to drop out of university and pursue his studies in a self-directed manner. He co-founded the Murray Rothbard Institute in 2007, a center of research and education in philosophy of law and economic.


He is also the co-founder of a private school in Belgium and another in the Netherlands.



What is your role in the Bitcoin community?  



Tuur Demeester is author of the financial newsletter MacroTrends, that goes out to investors in Belgium and the Netherlands. In January 2012, he added Bitcoin ($5 at the time) as part of the recommended currency basket.  


Tuur Demeester’s 2012 paper ‘The Gloom of Central Banking’ is a well researched and detailed look at the monopoly of the central banking system, its challenges and its response to the growing power and strength of decentralized financial systems.


The depth and diversity of Tuur Demeester’s knowledge of Bitcoin’s reach comes from having lived in nine cities and traveling to over two dozen countries.