The World Food Program has decided to align with major supermarket chains and food retailers to curb the growing obesity epidemic in the world.

The WFP will use blockchain technology to put restrictions on how much food individuals can purchase in one given period. The UN body plans to introduce a system whereby each food based transaction would need to be verified on a blockchain at the store checkout before a customer is allowed to buy food.

A new approach to eating healthy

The WFP has come up with a long list of foods that will not be sold to consumers who have already purchased them once in a given period, these foods include ho-ho’s, lemon flavored jolly ranchers, ice cream and peanut butter. Attempts to circumvent the system will lead to immediate suspension of monthly sugar rations for 6 months.

Barney Rotundus of WFP on how successful this system would be says:

“We are confident that the WFP Junkblockchain system will lead to a transformation in the way people eat, our number one priority is people’s well-being. We would like to promote a good humoured approach to eating healthy”.

[Happy april fools day]