Artistically expressive and aesthetically beautiful cold storage is now available from This is an ambitious and innovative project where developers and artist collaborate as purveyors of fine art paper wallets for Bitcoin.

As explained by the website: “Cryptoart safely stores your coins in a physical, expressive and collectible form. We strive to publish rich, unforgettable imagery that comments on the crypto culture and the cryptocurrency movement.”

The project was launched by Bitcoin activist, Troy Fearow, last month. He is looking for talented artists to create unique works of art that is combined with Bitcoin cold storages.

Each limited edition print is embedded with a QR code that is your public Bitcoin address. To add currency in Cryptoart, a customer must scan the QR code with their phone and send coins to the address it generates. On the back of every painting is a hidden private key.

Even more, each Cryptoart artwork piece can be loaded, unloaded, and reloaded with funds, collected or traded in person, and stored or framed for your personal enjoyment.