The seasonal veggie frenzy intensifies in Spring/ Autumn when we all strive to get hold of more vitamins and minerals to improve our health and spirits. But it’s even better when you can combine buying your beloved vegetarian meals and Bitcoin spending. 

V Spot Café is the place for both Earth- and Bitcoin-friendly people. This is the vegan/ vegetarian cafe with an amazing warm and friendly atmosphere. The café is located on the corner of City Walk & Petrie Plaza in Canberra, Australia. 

“I am enthusiastic about helping and enabling people to improve their diet, health, and general well-being,” said V Spot Café owner Chrissie Wittich, who also serves regularly. “I want to create a community of interesting, knowledgeable, curious customers, staff and suppliers.” 

V Spot Café has a wide variety vegetarian and vegan meals. Milk, coffee, tea, and chocolate are all organic. Moreover, they have gluten-free products for those with gluten intolerances. 

V Spot notably differs from any other vegetarian café in its genuinely environmentally-friendly policy. It even uses special BioCups which are lined with a bioplastic lining derived from corn starch. 

Accepting Bitcoin payments 

“We’re an alternative cafe, why not accept an alternative payment?” said Chrissie about accepting Bitcoin payments. 

There are still not so many places in Australia that accept Bitcoin payments, and it is refreshing that a place selling food and vegetarian meals is one of the first. 

“Come in and enjoy a drink and a treat. You will be healthier and happier and ready to face the world again.” 

You can find out more by visiting V Spot Café Facebook page.