Bitfilm, Bitcoin’s own film festival has opened up the voting booths this October 31 to choose the best Bitcoin film of 2015. How do you vote? Well, with bitcoin of course.

Bitfilm is a festival that has been celebrating digital technology films since Y2K was debunked. Every year they hold a festival showcasing the nominated films and have the audience vote democratically for their top choice. Since 2014, however, they’ve turned their attention to Bitcoin, shifting the focus of their festival - without even changing their name.

This year’s festival has already begun with films being screened all over world. Among the cities that will be showcasing the nominees are:

  • Berlin - Oct 31
  • Saigon - Nov 28
  • Amsterdam - Dec 2
  • Budapest - Dec 3

As well as over 10 cities whose dates are yet be confirmed including Accra, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Mexico City (LaBitConf), Miami, Rome, San Francisco, Stockholm, and Ubud/Bali.

It is hard to get more democratic than voting directly with your money, which is something bitcoin is great at. Anyone who wants to watch the films and support this independent film festival by voting simply needs to send some bitcoin to the film they liked the most. The one who has the fatter Bitcoin wallet by December 18, 2015 will win most of the loot and a trophy, specifically:

  • 40% of all donated Bitcoins per category will go to the winner film of that category.
  • 40% of the donated Bitcoins will stay with the film they were donated to.
  • 20% is Bitfilm's share for organising the event.

The Films

Here are the nominees for 2015’s international Bitfilm Festival.

How Bitcoin is like the Internet in the 80s,

A short animated film that explains how Bitcoin works, by Joe Posner. A Vox production (USA 2015).

Voting address: 158DYy7L9PTZqNvBm3pW8Wgeorj1MqGwbj

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Bitcoin -  The End of Money as We Know it

The history of money - from kauri shells to crypto currency, by Torsten Hoffmann (Australia 2015) 

Voting Address: 12cs1Zb9obqRWqx97hfi8xCjyytt2ZkuUb

QR code

Bitcoin Traveler - Paragliding Challenge

Docu: Bitcoin Traveler: Paragliding Challenge from Anastasya Stolyarov on Vimeo.

Felix is travelling the world on Bitcoin for one year. Today he tries to pay for a paragliding adventure in Turkey with Bitcoin. By Felix Weis (Germany 2015)

Voting address: 1QBFtPUL3Wd9nH3waUDPgaXBxe12R2oG29

QR code 

Life on Bitcoin

Beccy and Austin live for the first 100 days of their married life on Bitcoin only. They even travel with it to Stockholm, Berlin and Singapore. By The Good Line / Travis Pitcher / Joseph LeBaron (USA 2015)

Voting Address: 1AsfDmmF2uoTecnBQxssYsiws1qsXwuh2F

QR code

Bitcoin for the Intelligent Layperson (Part 1)

First part of a series that explains Bitcoin. This part focuses on Bitcoin's background and context. By Tomasz Kaye (Netherlands 2015) 

Voting address: 1FSJzTw98q716ZxQ8TtstD1UgpVKrXZKB3

QR code

Crypto Currencies - The Gold of the Digital Age

Will Bitcoin be forbidden in Russia? Members of the blossoming Bitcoin scene in the former Soviet Union do not care. By Alexandr Bezzubtsew (Russia 2015)

Voting address: 1NcoKYda12Ksds9ESV6nKsB4nQdCa8qc5b

QR code

Finding Satoshi Nakamoto

A TV team that tries to discover Bitcoin's mysterious inventor Satoshi Nakamoto. By Mike Anzel (USA 2015).

Voting address: 1BoFNRxqNrP4EKuBSM8GjyyQ3N4bpPsJhy

QR code

Ulterior States

A documentary about the roots of Bitcoin in the realm of hackers and cryptoanarchists. By Tomer Kantor (UK 2015).

Voting address: 19nGdvEnCYKgUherem837sWk7bMh8ohCeT

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Anyone can host a Bitfilm festival by contacting the company for details and check out the Bitfilm website for updates.