There’s a Lot of Bitcoin Hype, But Where Can You Actually Use Them?

There has been a lot of buzz about Bitcoin this year. First, there were questions about the volatile nature of a cryptocurrency followed by whirling prices and the eventually collapse of Mt. Gox, the once bitcoin exchange giant. No matter what side of the news story Bitcoin has been on, retailers have been watching closely.

The evolution of Bitcoin is happening right before our eyes and even some of the biggest online retailers are starting to accept the currency online. In fact, you can buy everything from the latest iPhone to bedding or web hosting using Bitcoin.

No one wants to let go of their Bitcoins unless it is to a legitimate retailer right? Well, now you can start buying most of the electronics and household items you need with Bitcoin right online.

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest online destinations just clamoring to take your Bitcoins today.

This online giant has been known for being ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation. First opening up its store to Bitcoin purchases on January 9, Overstock has reeled in millions of dollars in sales and shipped thousands of orders. Known for their low prices, you can find everything you could possibly need on Overstock from purses and shoes to couches and furniture.

Tiger Direct

Another huge entity, Tiger Direct opened their stores up to Bitcoin in January as well and sold over $US500,000 worth of items paid for by Bitcoin in just 3 days. Catering mostly to computer users, Tiger Direct also sells virtually every electronic you can find in your home. Laptops, cameras, jewelry, televisions, toys and more can all be found and purchased on Tiger Direct.

Niche Stores

Perhaps the biggest winner is niche stores that have been able to accept Bitcoin and cater to a whole new demographic. Some of the hottest niche stores accepting Bitcoin today are:

  • ShopJoy: A mobile phone and accessory retailer that has amazing prices and a 1 year warranty. What does ShopJoy do different? The company sells some of the best phones at the lowest prices, but the Unique Gifts section is truly spectacular.
  • ZooYork: A snowboarder’s paradise. ZooYork Snowboards offers the best snowboards on the market and accepts Bitcoin right online. Free shipping is the major selling point for the company along with their immense selection and low prices.
  • NameCheap: A leader in domain registration and hosting. If you own a website or are thinking of opening a new one, NameCheap has a product or service you need. The company accepts Bitcoin among many other payment options and has everything you need to run your own website today.

If you dig deep enough, you will find that there are a number of stores that will accept your Bitcoins and offers the utmost in product quality and pricing. A lot of Etsy store owners are also jumping in on the Bitcoin craze and offering their customers the option of purchasing their unique products using Bitcoin.

The next time someone asks where you are spending your Bitcoins? Tell them the truth; BTC is the future of online purchasing and you can buy virtually anything you need with Bitcoins.