Personal Details

William H. Pangman, born 1982, currently living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Professional experience and achievement
Will’s professional background includes film and video production, social services and non-profits, and marketing and communications work.
Will has been working as a freelancer in the Bitcoin space for the past year as a business development and marketing consultant. Currently, Will is chief communications officer for, a personal finance app for cryptocurrencies (under development), and director of marketing for Pink Eye Group, an animation studio specializing in Storyplex explainer videos that began accepting bitcoins earlier this year.
Will is also a program manager for The Bitcoin Education and University Outreach Project, which is funded by the Bitcoin Foundation to support the development of Bitcoin knowledge and curricula among university educators and connect on-campus Bitcoin student organizations at universities around the globe.
Education, economics, music, philosophy, human beings, nonviolent communication, fresh air, freedom
First experience with cryptocurrencies
Will learned of Bitcoin in the summer of 2012. He says he spent the next two months learning and absorbing everything he could in order to contend with any and all objections he could come up with about the technology.
Role in the Bitcoin community
In the summer of 2013, Will founded BitcoinMKE, a volunteer community advocacy and education organization in southeastern Wisconsin that promotes Bitcoin adoption among consumers, merchants, and nonprofits in the greater Milwaukee area. BitcoinMKE has 150 active members and meets at least once each week, as it has since its inception. BitcoinMKE holds workshops for consumers and merchants interested in learning about Bitcoin hands-on, it conducts outreach activities and events to raise Bitcoin awareness, and it develops best practices guides and educational material for mass audiences.
Will serves as the Co-vice Chair of the Bitcoin Foundation Education Committee and has begun directing a Foundation-funded project to introduce Bitcoin to faculty and students at universities around the world for purposes of research, activism education, and professional development.
Will is also working for a cryptocurrency startup, Tapeke. Currently under development, Tapeke intends to provide clean, user-friendly features and functionality for the practical, everyday use of cryptocurrencies without compromising user privacy.
Will appears as a frequent panelist on the live web show The Bitcoin Group, on the World Crypto Network. Will has also been interviewed on several non-bitcoin podcasts and media outlets, such as Gnostic Media, The Rundown Live, Midwest Real and others.
As a public speaker, Will has given Bitcoin talks at various conferences, including Flourish Open Source Conference in Chicago and BitcoinExpo 2014 in Toronto, and he will be speaking at TEDxUWM in October 2014.