The Acacia Estates branch of Wingman restaurant has began accepting Bitcoin payments.

The payment system here is powered by and to accept Bitcoin payment waiters use the Android Bitcoin POS system.

The first Wingman restaurant in Philippines was founded in 2009 and since then it has became one of the most famous restaurants. Basically it is an American-style restaurant, serving quality homemade food and beverages at affordable prices. Their specialty is chicken wings, of which they offer fifteen different flavors.

The restaurant has four branches in Manila, Philippines and Acacia Estates branch is the first to recognize digital currency.

Moreover, Wingman restaurant is a place for local Bitcoin Meetups.

Soon after the first news that Wingman restaurants was ready to adopt crypto-currency Lasse Birk Olesen, a Chief Product Officer at and CEO at Bitcoin Nordic posted his opinion on Wingman Facebook page

It's been amazing and inspiring to see this community grow since we had our first meeting of about 10 people less than a year ago! It strengthens my belief that Filipinos might become one of the first nationalities to embrace P2P currency in daily life.”