Wooden Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoin is a currency that you can mine, hold and spend on the Internet.In other words, people use it without even ‘touching’ their money.

Still, if you use the Bitcoin network it is recommended to have a coldstorage for better security. It could be a flash drive, a piece of paper oranything else to keep your private key disconnected and protected from anyhacker’s attack.

It is worth mentioning that while paper cold storage is easy to use youshould remember that paper is not the most ‘durable’ material and you would most probably like toencrypt your private Bitcoin information on something more reliable. 

Today more and more merchants sell unique cold storage, like CryptoArt pictures and VersoCards.

Earlier we posted information about the first unique woodenwallets from The Woody Co, based in Canada. Mostly they produce bespokewooden cases for iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy and other smartphones, andsome of these cases have Bitcoin designs, too.

However, the company is also well known for its special Bitcoin coldwallets. They currently come in two designs: first is a wallet looking like acard, while the second is wooden tags.

Bitcoin Wood Wallet Card fromWoody

A cold wallet made as a card is especially convenient to use – you canput in an ordinary physical wallet and use it whenever you want to. Your walletinformation will be laser-engraved directly onto a beautiful piece of wood.

You may choose a wood wallet made of curly maple or dark wood and customizedwith your name or alias, company name, wallet ID and QR code.

Wood Bitcoin Wallet Tags fromWoody

This stylish wallet first appeared in the end of 2013. Many Bitcoin users choose itas safe and easy means of cold storage.

Just like the Woody Card Wallet these tags will feature laser engravingof your wallet information (including the name, wallet ID and QR code) andcould be used as a keychain or necklace.

Also it comes in a variety of woods: bamboo, walnut, curly maple and ash.

Both – Wood Wallet Card and Tags – can be shipped to North America.