World of Web3 Summit is moving around the planet fast, gathering a knowledgeable audience for high-grade networking, experience exchange, collaborations, and fun.

After a successful WOW Summit in Dubai in March 2022, on November 1-3, WOW is back to Web3 enthusiasts, industry leaders, and creators in Lisbon, Portugal. The program includes discussions on enterprise implementation case studies and solutions, an expo for innovative businesses and NFT artworks, and blockchain startup pitches. High-class networking will also happen at the fun side events organized to entertain the community. 

WOW Summit Lisbon expects 1500+ attendees, 100+ international speakers, and will be MCd by Dustin Plantholt from Forbes Monaco. Highlighted topics include, but not limited to, NFTs, Metaverse, blockchain, digital assets, gaming, startups, mining, AI, and the infinite possibilities of the world of Web3. The event will host innovative blockchain enterprises, emerging startups, business owners, developers, investors, VCs, and government officials for fireside chats, keynotes, and discussions about the future of tech, regulations, and more. 

"World of Web3 Summit Lisbon will continue the legacy of the WOW events worldwide. To honor the new world and space that Web3 has brought into every aspect of our lives, WOW will take charge and fully immerse into the specifics of the new age tech and catch the waves of what is to become an absolute reality," says Guy Yanpolskiy, the Founder of GuyWay Business Concierge and WOW Summit.

Speakers at WOW Summit Lisbon include Rui Serapicos (President of the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance), Ronit Ghose (Head of Future of Finance at Citi), Evin McMullen (investor and Co-Founder of, Hannan Nor (Outlier Ventures), Mona Tiesler (Investment Relations Manager at Tokentus AG), Toby Lewis (Metalink Capital), and many more. Keep an eye out for the full agenda.

Is life, as we know it, turning into a computer game? What are the new rules, and how do we level up? Join WOW Summit Lisbon on November 1-3, 2022, to find out: buy your ticket now with 50% off. 


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