As the landscape of cryptocurrency seems to be getting more convoluted with more currencies and digital wallets, xCoinMoney’s offers put them in a unique spotlight by themselves for the time being. xCoinMoney prides itself as an online wallet that connects buyers and merchants who use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Primeoins, Dogecoins, and the company’s version of Dollars (DXX). 

Personal accounts (send and receive payments) are offered a 0% fee for payments inside of xCoinMoney and a minute fee for transactions carried out outside the wallet. Starting an account does not demand any special knowledge, monthly or registration fees. Business accounts charge a flat fee of 0.1% fee per transaction, plus offer additional features such as currency subscriptions, sending invoices to multiple accounts, API and callbacks. Furthermore, all payments for both accounts remain 100% anonymous and no account verification is required. 

Another interesting and perhaps confusing aspect of xCoinMoney is its conversion of “dollars.” Exchanging cryptocurrencies into US Dollars (USD) would undoubtedly set up run-ins with the law for xCoinMoney. However, these “dollars” (DXX) are the internal currency of xCoinMoney and not US Dollars. xCoinMoney clears up any possible confusion: 

“There is nothing illegal in the system because we don't exchange US dollars, we have our own internal dollars 1DXX = 1USD (1 internal Dollars = 1USD). Users only transfer their internal dollars, bitcoin and litecoin to one another within the system. So, we are not an exchange company.” 

Although reminiscent of Disney Dollars that can be transferred to US currency, xCoinMoney dollars cannot be transferred to external accounts and thus does not initiate a loophole for masking itself as an exchange company. 

With reliable feedback from the company, appealing deals, and a wide range of currencies available to exchange, the glitz and glamour of the xCoinMoney digital wallet may attract cryptocurrency enthusiasts from around the world. However, every potential client should always extensively do their homework before signing up for a new digital wallet. Detailed information and contacts can be found on xCoinMoney’s website.