Yelp, one of the biggest user-submitted review sites in English-speaking circles online, announced Monday on its blog something that a few of us had seen the site experimenting with: Bitcoin acceptance is now listed for each business’ page.

Businesses that accept Bitcoin can update their listings at

We’re hopeful the introduction of the Bitcoin attribute will provide yet another way for consumers to connect with great local businesses,” the blog post reads.

How This Works

The Yelp blog used this example from Little Lucy’s Mini Donuts in Austin, Texas.

Under the “More business info” heading in the right sidebar, Bitcoin acceptance is right there alongside credit card acceptance. This is how confirmed listings should look.

That’s only useful once you have landed on the business’ Yelp page, though. Actually searching for Bitcoin businesses on Yelp is a tad more cumbersome.

At the moment, you have to input “cafes that accept Bitcoin” or “stores that accept Bitcoin.”

It looks like this: