Yoga is often seen as a great way to tone up, stay in shape and relax at the same time. It combines physical and spiritual disciplines that help manage mental and physiological health. 

Because of its non stress approach anyone can do yoga children and adults, men or women, people of different cultures and different lifestyles. And now people with the Bitcoin attitude can enjoy the ancient discipline too. Yoga studios are appearing that now accept bitcoins for their classes. Moreover, one the biggest yoga clothing manufacturer accepts Bitcoin payments, too. 
Prepare for yoga classes 
So, before you start regular Yoga classes you might want to buy a proper outfit. Vancouver based clothing sewing company Zyza produces yoga training clothing specially designed by professional certified hatha yoga teacher and active acro-yogi. 
Zyza Yoga Clothing & Active Wear clothes are made of natural fibers. The company produces yoga and active wear line featuring bamboo, an eco-friendly fabric that is soft and luxurious. 
In the beginning of the year Zyza announced that they now accept Bitcoin payments for their products. Most of the clothes are shipped anywhere in Canada and the United States for retail customers, while international shipping require wholesale orders.
Start your yoga classes 
Iyengar yoga center of Ojai, located in California, USA, is one of the greatest centers for yogis who prefer to use digital currency. It is advertised that Iyengar Yoga Center of Ojai is the first yoga studio to accept modern digital currency, moreover, not only bitcoins but also litecoins and feathercoins. 
“In this serene and beautiful valley of Ojai there is no better place to practice and learn this ancient science, art, and philosophy of Yoga as it is taught by the lineageof the legendary B.K.S IYENGAR”. 
The center was founded in 2012 by Tal Mesika is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher. 
"For me, Yoga is not a repetition of postures but a subject that unfolds itself with every practice and which opens new fields to explore, a journey for the rest of one’s life…" said Tal. 
One of the students in the center said that “The studio setting is special, you capture the mountains of Ojai while you experience beautiful openings in the body. Tal wife Ethal helps run things so please call and ask any questions needed they are both always so helpful.” 
If you want to start taking classes or have no experience in Iyengar Yoga – this place might be the right studio for you. 
In Europe you can take Hatha-Yoga classes at different levels in Schillerkiez Berlin Neukoelln, Germany. Here you may take Yoga classes from professional yogis Uwe Rossnagel and pay with cryto-currency. 
Another Bitcoin friendly Yoga classes could be found in Galaxy Lifestyle Yoga and Fitness Studio, located in Kearny Mesa, California, USA. 
Here you can experience Aerial Yoga, Pilates, Prenatal Yoga, Acro Yoga, Vinyasa,Yin, and Hatha Yoga, and they accept Bitcoin for membership. 
No matter what you choose – Yoga classes in studio or private lessons – this discipline should help you to achieve a high spiritual and mental state of mind and healthy body shape.