It’s time to hash it out! Hashing It Out is a podcast by Cointelegraph covering innovations and important stories in the blockchain industry, featuring unparalleled interviews with thought leaders, influencers and trendsetters. Cointelegraph’s Elisha (GhCryptoGuy) hosts new guests every week to discuss how Bitcoin, Web3, DeFi, NFTs and the metaverse are changing the world.

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About the hosts

Elisha Owusu Akyaw

Elisha Owusu Akyaw, also known as GhCryptoGuy, is a social media specialist at Cointelegraph. Since discovering cryptocurrency at 16, he has taken it upon himself to educate the masses about crypto.

Disclaimer. These podcasts (and any related content) are for entertainment purposes only and do not constitute financial advice, nor should they be taken as such. Everyone must do their own research and make their own decisions. The podcasts' participants may or may not own any of the assets mentioned.