Seoul, South Korea — 2022MOON, a metaverse union with a crypto prototype that started in Seoul, South Korea, aims to provide an innovative service using decentralized finance (DeFi) blockchain technologies. It successfully launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) back in November and has now announced that it will launch its 2022Moon token on the ERC-20 network on Dec. 16. The aim is to allow Ether (ETH) holders to earn Tether (USDT) just by holding the 2022M tokens through a revolutionary technology in the DeFi rewarding system with a cross-chain mechanism. A presale will take place on PinkSale.Finance from Dec. 16 to 18.

After the presale, the ERC-20-compliant 2022M token will be listed on Uniswap, the No. 1 decentralized exchange in the world, on Dec. 19. 2022MOON will also be listed on one of the biggest major exchanges after Christmas, and a “zero-fee trading event” will take place on the exchange. The gas fee will be charged.

2022Moon’s tokenomics

All buy and sell transactions on 2022MOON’s token, 2022M, are taxed at 10%. Of this, 2% will be attributed to existing holders using a rewarding system on the Ethereum network. The tokenomics of 2022M allow this 2% portion of the tax to be used to reward the holders in USDT in the value pegged to the real-time market price. The content has increased reliability by allowing anyone to inquire about all transaction information and current status under the guarantee of anonymity. 

Soon afterward, 2022MOON has plans for a cross-chain mechanism with its token based on BSC. The mechanism will feature additional options for carrying out transactions for users who trade 2022MOON tokens. 2022MOON will bridge the BEP-20-compliant 2022Moon tokens and ERC-20-compliant 2022MOON tokens applying a cross-chain mechanism. This will allow users to freely transact in both versions of the 2022MOON tokens after they have been bridged.

About 2022MOON

2022MOON is a group of people working in various sections with the same goal, a moon-focused metaverse union. It will provide a DeFi service to distribute rewards to its holders and aims to develop GameFi and design. The plan is to launch an actual rocket and create a fund to help people who study space, the metaverse and all else imaginable pertaining to the moon and outer space. The team is developing its own technology, intending to take the world by surprise. 2022MOON follows the spirit of Neil Armstrong in his immortal words: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” The ERC-20 token launch may be a small step for 2022MOON, but it could indeed be a massive leap for the crypto world.


Chris Yi, 2022MOON



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