On Nov. 25, three weeks after the initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) in which 50 million tokens were sold in 29 hours, came the vesting period for all those who managed to enter the IDO and were able to acquire WX. The WX distribution is set to open new earning opportunities on Waves.Exchange.

The Waves ecosystem is already known to everyone, but we would like to share certain strategies that can be used to improve user performance or for making first investments. Waves’ ecosystem is one of the most consolidated systems, with substantial prestige and impressive security within the cryptocurrency sector. In addition, Waves has a market capitalization of over 1.7 billion, positioning it in the global top 70 crypto assets and top 42 cryptocurrencies.

Here are some of the ideas to follow for those considering their first investments:

Invest in pools

Whether potential investors have knowledge about decentralized finance (DeFi) or have never interacted with the segment, they should know that liquidity pools are great opportunities in an environment such as Waves.Exchange.

Thanks to these pools, the operation of the exchange and all of its services is guaranteed, and that’s why the Waves.Exchange team offers APYs (or annual returns) with substantial profitability.

We can provide liquidity in WAVES, Neutrino USD (USDN) or WX, which are native currencies in the Waves ecosystem, with very high profit percentages thanks to all the capital that is currently entering the ecosystem. 

This is a great opportunity, since, as has been demonstrated over time, the Waves team can carry out outstanding projects and generate great benefits for all those with confidence in their work. 

WX locking

With WX, users can do different things, such as hold, exchange, send to another wallet, lock, add liquidity to the WX/USDN pool and so on. This launch of WX will provide all the advantages of the token. In addition to a base income from the pools (vAPY), WX holders will begin receiving an extra income (tAPY) as soon as they lock their WX for a certain period.

There is also, for those who wish to invest and improve their passive income yield, locking WX to receive gWX. What does this mean, since gWX is not a token or any asset that can be sold or exchanged? GWX represents the user’s governance and a means of boosting power on the platform. The more and the longer users lock WX tokens, the more power they will have. 

What’s it for? The voting power is used to vote on platform decisions, such as the APY of the pools, new pairs to be added to Waves.Exchange or commissions to be charged to users. With gWX, Waves will also receive different governance rewards periodically. 

In addition, with gWX, investors will be able to boost annual returns from the pools by up to three times. If the default yield is not sufficient, they can boost profits further by buying WX tokens and locking them to receive gWX. Once the locking period is over, their WX tokens will be available to them again. 

WX holders who lock their assets will also receive governance awards accumulated from fees charged for swaps in the pool. A fee is paid on each swap transaction at the time of order execution.

At a recent “ask me anything” session, Waves founder Sasha Ivanov stressed that the IDO’s goal was not profits but greater involvement of investors in the ecosystem as well as offering maximum earning opportunities. Another testimony to that is the IDO’s conditions, which are unusual for the crypto industry, as users can either collect WX tokens or the amount in USDN spent in the IDO.

As one can imagine, the Waves ecosystem offers endless possibilities that potential investors simply have to discover by logging in to the platform. What are you waiting for?

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