5 Reasons Why to Contribute to Viberate's Token Crowdsale

Viberate's CEO Matej Gregorcic talks about why you should contribute to Viberate's token crowdsale.

The other day I noticed an interesting news title that said: “Our parents had public pension funds, we have cryptocurrencies.” I couldn’t agree more. Cryptocurrencies are our chance, this is our moment.

I’m happy to see that the interest in Vibe tokens exceeded our wildest expectations. The 5th of September is less than a month away and I’m sure that we’ll see thousands of contributors putting their ETH in to buy Vibe tokens.

As every responsible CEO, I will of course exchange a significant part of my crypto portfolio into Vibes, but I’m biased, because I believe in myself more than I believe in anything else.

So it’s important that I put myself into the shoes of unknown contributors, who will trust us with their funds. Here are five important factors I would look for when considering about taking part in Viberate’s crowdsale:

1. Team

When we were raising our seed round everyone told us to emphasize our team in our presentation. So in the end our deck was around 30% about the people, working on the project. One of the investors then told us in the simplest way possible, why they invest into teams and not projects. He said: “I’d rather invest into a great team with an OK idea than into a crappy team with a great idea. You can have the best idea in the world, but can’t execute it with a bad team.”

We have the best team, everybody agrees ;)

No, really. The founders have worked together for 15 years, we’re not just business partners, we’re friends. Music has been our center focus for the whole period and we know everything there is about the music business. We are experienced managers and skilled team leaders, joined by loyal employees, who follow our vision and share our passion. We worked with big international clients such as Philip Morris, Vodafone, Hewlett-Packard and many others, who trusted us with their event management budgets.

Plus, we’re cool to hang out with.

2. Solving our own pains

We started the project because we were lost in the flood of trends in music. New artists emerge daily and it’s hard to be on top of things, no matter how experienced you are. When you’re solving your own problems, you’ll go extra mile to nail it. We’ve always followed the rule that said: “If we want it to be good enough for clients, it first needs to be good enough for us.” The same goes for Viberate.

3. Keeping it real

The ICO boom has seen some insane valuations for projects that were barely existing as an idea, scribbled on a napkin. Vasja already shared our thoughts about uncapped ICOs, but it’s not only about not having a cap, it’s also about where you set it. In order to develop all planned features we need around $6M and then we need all the money we can get to advertise it globally. We could spend hundreds of millions on advertising, but we set our ad cap at another $6M. It’s a lot of money, but global campaigns cost much more than that. Still, it’s enough to kickstart the service and go from there.

4. We actually exist

This isn’t really an argument when you’re raising mone