Players who had invested in CropBytes metaverse in January 2021, have their portfolio today up by 8900%; however, it is still not too late to support and be part of a growing Crypto gaming industry that is performing exceptionally well. CropBytes metaverse is leading the crypto gaming revolution with a beautifully crafted game economy. Since the launch of CBX token in Nov 2021, the game has over 95,394 CBX holders and a monthly volume of 30-35 million. Use the right strategy & with the power of crypto gamers can farm & earn in the virtual world.

What is CropBytes?

The farm simulation game CropBytes was launched in 2018 and has quickly become one of the most immersive crypto gaming experiences with a global game community, surpassing 400,000 organic downloads. The Crypto Metaverse game is available on Apple, Google app stores for Android and IOS users as well as on web.

CropBytes gameplay is a simple but intricately designed playscape ripe for creating a stable & sustainable economy. For the team behind the game, it was essential to focus on sustainable economics, which helped build a long-term game for crypto players. CropBytes metaverse was created with an emphasis on the economics of the game beyond the bull run. Most NFT games suffer from liquidity crisis and asset inflation, but this was kept in mind for CropBytes & addressed early on in the game economics.

Playing the game is very straightforward, and CropBytes comes with many features for its players, including – having a balanced economy, real ownership, open-market trading, and utility-based gaming, amongst other features being developed for the future.

Get started with CropBytes today by signing up for a free trial pack. Use your free trial assets to learn about the game and the economy – play it on Android, iOS, and the Web. Grow crops & make food, feed animals, collect extracts, trade & earn crypto, own more, earn more.

Listing & partnerships

CropBytes began by using Tron (TRX), but the company later decided to launch its own token CBX for the game. Post the IEO of the CBX token (central token in the game economics of CropBytes), the adoption has increased manifolds, and a lot of partnership & listing opportunities have come up:

  • Partnerships with gaming guilds like YGG and MVM, with more announcements coming soon
  • Partnership with various advisors and investors who are helping to leverage their global communities; for instance, the CropBytes team had received backing from industry leaders and recently closed a $2.6 million funding round. Global VCs and industry leaders behind the project include Draper Dragon, Exnetwork Capital, Old Fashion Research, AVStar Capital, AU21 Capital, Kryptos Research, EPNS, Master Ventures, Strip Finance, among others, who had participated in the funding round.

Watch this video to know what happened in CropBytes in 2021

RoadMap for 2022

Since the start of 2021 the in-game asset & extract markets are performing very well. With the increase in adoption and the availability of more and more features, players and the gaming community are excited about the staking & trading events, which are going successfully.

Roadmap for Q1 2022 is already published; there are fascinating features like staking, tokenisation, and lending, which are believed to grow the game to wider audiences. The roadmap is focused on guild economy; the players start the game with proof of game concept, unlike other games.

Mining of CBX is already live in the game, with more exciting uses of CBX coming into the future. Holding CBX means investors are a part of the CropBytes metaverse, which is built to grow throughout and for years to come.

To learn more about CropBytes and how you can be a part of this amazing GameFi metaverse, follow CropBytes telegram community, and on social Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and also, download & play the game from Android and iOS app stores, or on the Web.