GET Protocol has just crossed the magic milestone of 1 million on-chain event tickets sold. The team has been issuing blockchain-registered tickets since 2016 for a wide variety of events from big stadium shows in Europe to live streams in the United States and museum visits in South Korea. Along the way, GET Protocol has provided a prime example of blockchain and nonfungible token (NFT) adoption that brings tangible benefits to a general, non-crypto audience. 

Over the years, GET Protocol’s solution has made waves in the event industry, as it was used to successfully prevent scalping for big events and tours, leading to public praise and happy artists who reaped the benefits. 

Every ticket an NFT 

The benefits don’t stop at scalping and transparency— with a continuous rate, the team has been releasing updates and innovations for ticketers around the world, from a built-in secondary market with flexible rates and prices to the increasingly exciting possibilities for NFT-related benefits. 

Since every ticket that GET Protocol issues is an NFT, the door is opened to a whole suite of possibilities for event organizers such as issuing custom digital collectibles, fan rewards and even all the way to event financing. These are all features currently being worked on by the GET dev team. 

The protocol is fueled by the GET utility token, which enables transparent value flows, ease-of-use for integrators and efficient protocol operations.

Just the beginning 

While GET Protocol is leading the way in terms of NFT ticketing volume and technology— the current state of the protocol is only the beginning. 

The products offered are designed to provide added value for anyone wishing to issue tickets — whether it’s an up-and-coming artist or a massive ticketing behemoth. 

An example is the recent ‘Digital Twin’ product integration of Yourticketprovider — an existing ticketing company with a yearly volume topping 2 million event tickets. 

Recent months have seen several such integrations by organizations from the United States, Colombia and The Netherlands. This list of integrators, which can be viewed on the NFT Ticket Explorer, is expected to keep growing exponentially, especially as the live event industry returns at a post-pandemic rate. 

Considering all this, it’s looking likely the road to the 2 million tickets mark won’t be long. 

More about GET Protocol 

If you want to find out more about GET Protocol you can check out the website, follow along on Twitter, jump into the Discord or hang in the Telegram channel.