The adult industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world with demand growing yearly. This demand has led to more scrutiny in the industry to improve transparency and compliance with data laws.

Bitcci AG, a Swiss-based blockchain company, is modernizing the adult industry by creating an ecosystem that promotes inclusion, safety and compliance for all parties involved. Bitcci AG was launched in 2017 by Christoph Elbert, CEO of Bitcci, and has grown to consist of three public stock companies.

Bitcci’s ecosystem

The Bitcci ecosystem consists of innovative products that include IT portals, apps, blockchain-based payment platforms and physical nightclubs. The ecosystem is sustained by its native payment token, Bitcci Cash Token, which provides benefits to hodlers.

Bitcci developed a club management software called “Bitcci club,” which is equipped with modern functionalities and has General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. The club management software has already been deployed on four of the largest sauna clubs in Switzerland successfully.

Bitcci intends to introduce modern safety protocols and adhere to regulations in different jurisdictions. Bitcci maintains transparency and GDPR compliance via the and Bitcci Connect platforms. is a forensic software solution that scans ID cards from sex workers and is integrated into Bitcci Connect, an interface where regulators can access secure and real-time data of sex workers and escort services within the Bitcci ecosystem.

To further ensure the safety of the sex industry, Bitcci is developing its web portal and mobile app. These platforms are developed with the latest functionalities including communication tools such as video or voice calls and an integrated blockchain-based payment system.

Workers and consumers will be able to experience premium services on Bitcci’s website and app while being compliant with regulations. These features listed above are some of the products Bitcci intends to introduce to revolutionize the sex industry.

Bitcci Cash Token

Bitcci has a native payment token called “Bitcci Cash Token,” which is an ERC-20 token built to provide secure payment possibilities within the Bitcci ecosystem.

Bitcci conducted a private sale of the token, selling out within 15 days. The blockchain company raised 1 million Swiss francs from the private sale and allocated the funds toward building products and brand awareness.

Bitcci Cash Token is currently available via an initial coin offering that is expected to last for six months. 50 billion tokens have been allocated to be sold across five phases with a maximum cap of 10 billion tokens.

Bitcci Cash Token has several use cases and will serve as the payment token for the Bitcci Nightclub Networks. Hodlers can get exclusive access to events and services held within the club. In addition, club owners and brothel managers can pay for the popular Bitcci club software using the token.

Workers and employees can receive payment for services in the token and access premium features on the Bitcci portal and app. The Bitcci Cash Token ICO is still ongoing and people can purchase the token at the best available price on the ICO platform. In addition, Bitcci is also holding a referral campaign that rewards users for referring family and friends with up to 25% instant commission.

More developments on the way

Bitcci has planned a host of developments in the coming weeks and months. The blockchain company is set to embark on a major marketing campaign from Aug. 21, 2021, and will place 200 street banners in key spots across the crypto valley in Switzerland.

In addition, the Bitcci portal and app are expected to launch in Q4 2021. Bitcci has already stated its plans to register over one million workers on the platform by 2022 and is on the right path toward achieving these goals. To learn more about Bitcci, visit its website.