The ABBC Foundation and Real Research have agreed to partner in a deal that will add the bullish ABBC Coin to its user rewards. This partnership marks a key milestone for the ABBC Foundation, a blockchain known for its innovation and high utility as the “future of payment security.”

In turn, Real Research is a revolutionary blockchain data solution that incentivizes survey participation with cryptocurrency rewards. With the new partnership, Real Research will soon offer ABBC Coin (ABBC) to its survey participants, in addition to the currently available TNC coin (TNC), as rewards. 

Also, Real Research highlighted that ABBC will soon be available for purchase on its Sponsor Portal, while TNC is already available. Sponsors will be able to purchase both reward coins by either using multiple exchanges or PayPal. Once the purchase is confirmed, sponsors can use the coins to reward users who participate in their custom Real Research surveys.

Real Research aims to provide businesses with reliable data obtained from real people in an ethical and non-coercive manner. This way, Real Research sponsors can confidently leverage data insights, gained from their custom surveys, to meet their business goals. Real Research surveys are both cost-efficient and reliable, and suitable for enterprise and government use.

As such, the ABBC Foundation expects the new partnership to significantly increase ABBC Coin’s utility and use with an estimated 100,000,000 new global users within the year. To this end, the foundation will leverage Real Research’s 3,000,000-plus users, global reach and presence in at least 165 countries. In addition, the higher demand is likely to add a boost to ABBC’s value. 

In fact, ABBC Coin has recently reached a new all-time high and was recognized as a top gainer by several leading market aggregators and exchanges. For instance, leading cryptocurrency aggregator CoinMarketCap commended ABBC Coin’s current bull run. Several analysts are also predicting that ABBC Coin could rise further, a possibility that the new deal is more than likely to fuel. 

Also, ABBC Coin recently listed on KuCoin Exchange, a top five-ranking exchange based on market capitalization. Specifically, KuCoin is one of the top platforms for global deployment, which will avail ABBC Coin to millions of traders. Meanwhile, the ABBC team will continue working diligently to see ABBC Coin listed on other top exchanges throughout the year.

Finally, both ABBC Foundation and Real Research are striving to ensure the smooth integration of ABBC Coin rewards. As such, Real Research users will soon be able to enjoy ABBC Coin rewards.