ABBC Foundation brings you the future of e-commerce thru Aladdin25.

Introducing its flagship e-commerce shopping platform, Aladdin25, ABBC Foundation aims to revolutionize the online shopping industry. The platform integrates the world’s top retailers and supports a wide-range of cryptocurrencies for a more convenient, accessible, and faster payment system for online purchases. At a private event in Manhattan, USA, investors have taken a peek on what the platform has to offer its clients.

What makes Aladdin25 stand out among other platforms is its remarkable feature that enables customers to make product comparisons across more than twenty-five of the world’s leading retailers. These include Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and Etsy, among others. Blockchain technology allows safer transactions on an international scope and Aladdin25 aims to help the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies through cybershopping.

Created by ABBC Foundation, Aladdin25 envisions a market that is ideally suited across the globe. Aladdin25 makes it possible for major retailers to incorporate cryptocurrency as a mode of payment and show how beneficial this would be to everyone. ABBC Foundation CEO Jason Daniel Paul Philip is confident that in the upcoming years, the transition of using fiat to crypto payment will be smoother than expected. 

Aladdin25 is only the beginning of the company’s initiatives in merging online-retailers, and many more are still yet to come. For those who still haven’t gotten used to digital currencies, the platforms also offers PayPal and credit card payments. The Foundation considers that this significant change will take some time to adapt to. In line with that, ABBC Foundation aims to be the pioneer in transforming e-commerce business. 

ABBC Foundation shall continue its extensive efforts in changing the traditional online shopping experience. Aladdin25 is one of the many ways they are bringing more shopping options to the consumers. The organization wants to see major retailers embrace the technological advancement of blockchain as having all of them on a connected hub is beneficial for both the customers as well as the sellers. ABBC Foundation has recently established more strategic partnerships with various notable entities like the California-based blockchain consulting firm Lunar Digital Assets; software development and gaming studio, Zombie Soup, which specializes in AI and Virtual Reality; and the New-York based blockchain technology and services expert, Deep Dive Technology.

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