Interactive 3D models are the next integration for our ads protocol. Metaverse advertisers are invited to use models for better exposure for products.

No more intrusive ads — it’s time for real fun

The louder an ad screams,  the less people listen.

No doubt you’ve encountered this yourself. The world has become littered with hard-sell banners, with users exposed to anywhere between 4,000 and 10,000 ads a day. It’s no wonder they have grown blind to them. 86% of people don’t even notice ads anymore.

An inhumane “focus on performance” has made programmatic advertising boring on the one hand  —  and aggressive and intrusive on the other.

What can adtech providers do to satisfy both advertisers and users? The answer is: Let them have fun! Let them experience the product.

Test drive the car in the banner

Anybody who has visited the Metaverse can understand the difference. Of course, there are still banners and static billboards, just like in real life, and there are a lot of bad designs.

But the creative and interactive perspectives can bring brand experience to a whole new level.

Take a car manufacturer as an example. Nobody needs to advertise a test drive in Decentraland  —  display ads on vehicle websites are probably enough to drive traffic, and simply “turning your car into NFT” already sounds passé.

Now, imagine car ads in the form of interactive 3D models, where a user can open the door while talking to the onboard AI. In the future, we aim to go further, allowing users to enter and drive — to drive the ad itself.

It’s all about imagination.

Copernic Space and Adshares to showcase space assets going to Moon

Imagination is good, but it helps to have a real use case.

Copernic Space is the first Web3 platform to buy and sell space assets. They recently launched the first ever sale of tokenized payload space. In the sale you can buy actual space on a lunar rover and send your physical cargo to the Moon. Ownership of your cargo is tied to a nonfungible token that can be fractionalized and resold on the platform.

As a part of the brand experience, we are going to place a 3D Moon rover inside Decentraland. It is an interactive model that contains all the campaign info “onboard,” so to say. This will be our first partnership in the newly introduced system of 3D model advertising in Decentraland. The technological aspect is constantly developing, and in the near future, every member of Decentraland will be able to fully experience and interact with 3D ad models.

Soon every advertiser will be able to build its own 3D model to put the ad on it with all the needed information. 

Use ad network ecosystem to access the Metaverse

Everything above is possible even if you don’t use an external tool. It’s possible to create a virtual showroom. It’s a great idea, and many brands like Samsung have already done it to showcase technology   while engaging users in quests and contests.

Metaverse experiences are limited to one owned location.

At the same time, the advertising buying model has gone back to the direct sales era ,  where the advertiser or agency had to call ad space owners and ask for quotes. As the Metaverse evolves ,  so too will the burning need to automate the process.

Now, imagine being able to provide the same scaled experience , having access to plenty of parcels in Decentraland and also in Cryptovoxels or The Sandbox. And  instead of running a campaign to bring your consumers to your space,  you bring your brand experience to them  —  in 3D.

Adshares is the first protocol that allows you to automate the ad buying process on such a scale  —  enabling display and programmatic advertising businesses to enrich their operations with blockchain technology , with minimum effort. 

The ADS cryptocurrency on its proprietary blockchain plays a key role in building a robust, fast blockchain advertising ecosystem. By uniting hundreds of publishers and thousands of advertisers, the protocol removes greedy middlemen from the equation and directly connects the two parties. What’s more, each holder gets their own slice of the multimillion-dollar flow of ad transactions. The more ads are exposed, the more ADS drops into holders’ wallets. Being a cross-chain coin (available on the BNB Chain, ERC-20, Polygon and native blockchain), ADS is the first adtech coin to capture every connected element in the ad market, at every possible level.

Now it’s serving user experiences in the Metaverse, in 3D.