Singapore, October 26, 2021 – On October 25th, aelf has started the information collection and the initial technical docking consulting for candidate nodes on aelf mainnet. The aelf mainnet node election will set the start for exploding ecology on aelf mainnet.

Block producers (BPs) are the decision-makers on aelf mainnet. On one hand, BPs have the right to decide and perform the deployment as well as the upgrade of aelf mainnet. On the other hand, BPs help connect third-party tokens and aelf’s native token ELF during the sidechain creation, which is of great importance during the ecological explosion. Based on the roadmap, aelf aims to increasingly invite a total of 17 BPs to aelf mainnet by the end of 2021 Q4.

Haobo Ma, CEO of aelf, said:

“The diversification of nodes lays the stability and sustainability of the aelf ecology. As more candidate nodes join, aelf ecology will bloom in all perspectives in terms of technology, talents, users and funds. We call on everyone concerned about the aelf ecology to participate in the aelf node election and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the aelf ecology."

Due to the characteristic importance, there are certain requirements and a penalty mechanism. To become a candidate node, individuals or organizations need to stake at least 100,000 mainnet ELF tokens, run and maintain a server and be ratified by a certain scale of community users. Once it wins the seat as a BP, the node needs to devote itself to BP’s work. If there is no block produced within 72 hours, its qualification as a BP will automatically be eliminated, and the staked 100,000 ELF will be destroyed.

Once elected, the BP could receive various dividends based on aelf Economics and Governance Whitepaper.

In the main chain dividend pool, BPs could receive both the production nodes’ income and the candidate nodes’ income. The total estimated APY is at 95.6%. On sidechains, BPs can obtain revenue by building a sidechain network for developers. The sidechain revenue consists of index fees, resource fees, and sharing revenue.

The nodes will unitedly participate in the calculation, validation, development and maintenance of the aelf mainnet network. If you have more questions regarding the node election, you can contact us by Telegram or email us at

About aelf

Aelf is a decentralized blockchain network powered by cloud infrastructure. It provides a high-speed open infrastructure for users and developers around the world. Aelf innovated in the cross-chain collaboration mechanism, elegant multi-level side chain system and unlimited expansion capabilities. The network can seamlessly connect to the existing ecologies that are safe, efficient, autonomous, stable, easy to use and transparent.

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