Every year, Paris Blockchain Summit brings together the international ecosystem in an extraordinary place, and this third edition will not fail to make a lasting impression. Giant palm trees, waterfalls, fountains, outdoor terraces and a cinema room will host enthusiasts in a space stretching 21,500 square feet. 

Combining nature and elegance, and spread over two floors in several thematic platforms (NFTs, the Metaverse and blockchain), the Equinoxe Palmeraie Paris will welcome more than 1,200 participants from more than 20 countries. 

Considered by the World Economic Forum as a pillar of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, this market, currently estimated at $5 billion, will reach $67 billion in 2026, or 10% of the world GDP. More than ever, it is important to position oneself well, and Paris Blockchain Summit is there to help.

With nearly 50 speakers from multinational corporations such as Nestlé and L’Oréal, as well as organizations in sports, venture capital, the French and European parliaments, the Metaverse, crypto trading and digital law, Paris Blockchain Summit is an event that will provide concrete answers to the challenges and trends of tomorrow:

  • The Metaverse: Why are large companies and institutions betting on the Metaverse? Is it just hype, or a real revolution?
  • GameFi and play-to-earn: How are blockchain games a new economy in emerging countries? Can players be paid for their contribution to a virtual economy?
  • Regulation: What regime should apply to NFTs? Will the MICA regulation put an end to the development of the crypto assets market in Europe?
  • Sports: How can Blockchain enable an evolution of the sports sponsorship market? With nearly 16% of the world’s population obese, are move-to-earns a viable solution to obesity?
  • Intellectual property: Do NFTs allow artists to better monetize their creations? How to manage the copyright and the right of exploitation of a work with an NFT. 
  • Music: Does the future of the music industry rely on NFTs? How do supervisory authorities such as SACEM react?
  • The economy: As inflation explodes, can Bitcoin be an effective hedge against inflation? How will central bank digital currencies and stablecoins impact the economy? Are NFTs a new asset class to diversify wealth?

Experts will be answering all these questions and much more. Now is the time to secure seats to join the most qualitative and business-oriented event of summer 2022. Summer Tickets can be purchased with an additional 30% discount when using the code “MEDIA30” until June 8. 

Those wanting to present their project or share their experience on stage can register on the event’s official website or contact the PBS team.

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