France, May 31, 2022 — Agoraverse, previously known as the Lofts Business Club — a nonfungible token (NFT) project based on the Solana platform — has scheduled the distribution of its AGORA token for this Friday, June 3. 

The Agoraverse team developed the token as a bridge between blockchain-related and real-life utilities. The AGORA token will be used as a shopping currency in the Agora, a pioneering Web3-shopping metaverse currently under development. 

Oscar Bellei, CEO of Agora, said, “Obviously, the main utility for the token will come out when we release the shopping center, but the token is an active part of our ecosystem and will enable multiple blockchain features, such as the mint of a new NFT collection [and] the upgrade of our Lofts Access cards, amongst other things. We are working on opening up more partnerships with both NFT projects and real companies.”

The initial coin offering will collect extra finances for the project, with 16% of the tokens will finance the project long-term. The sale will take place on the Agoraverse website, and NFT holders will get a 20% discount. Whitelisted wallets registered on the website will receive a 15% discount.

About Agoraverse

Agoraverse is a project born on the Solana blockchain and headquartered in Paris, France. Previously known as Lofts Business Club, it has shifted its efforts toward building the metaverse for businesses, NFT projects, shoppers and influencers to display their products and services. It is a Web3 shopping center where people can buy digital and real items. Besides shopping, it features leisure activities and private apartments called Lofts.

Agora is a first-of-its-kind, blockchain-based smart virtual retail complex. Everyone can visit clothing stores, furniture stores, art stores, NFT collections and several other shopping options. The space will feature mini-games and leisure areas for the users, such as restaurants, bars and clubs.


Everyone is welcome to join the upcoming sale and the ranks of Agoraverse’s followers. NFT collectors will enjoy the upgraded collection of refined tokens and benefit from the common currency in the shopping metaverse.

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