There's no arguing that play-to-earn is a leading trend in the crypto space and is taking the industry by storm. The innovation is encroaching on the eons-old idea of playing games just for fun to curate platforms for players to own their progress in a game and transfer value from one gaming ecosystem to another.

Based on the Farmville concept, Happy Land is an emerging play-to-earn gaming project inspired by agriculture farming in the metaverse that is set to unlock novel and exciting aspects of the gaming industry, riding on the hype surrounding nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and GameFi.

The project team has announced its closure of a fundraising round led and influenced by some of the biggest investors in the blockchain and crypto sphere. Major venture capitalists including HC Capital, AU21, Banter Capital, Kyber Ventures, DEXT Force, GoodGamesGuild, RealDealGuild, Maven Capital, Netvrk, Kyros Ventures, Kryptos Research, Gain Associates and SMO Capital have supported the promising project in securing a total of $2.97M.

With fundraising, and backing from investors and advisors, Happy Land is ready to bring a successful gaming metaverse to the blockchain space. Happy Land is currently gearing up for its IDO on Polkastarter on Dec. 8.

Happyland's advisors include Stani Kulechov, founder of AAVE; Kieran Warwick, CEO of Illuvium; Santiago R Santos,ex-Parafi Capital & Web3 investor; and Kenzi Wang, co-founder of AU21 Capital.

Khoa Phan, founder and CEO of Happy Land said:

“Happyland intends to bring the most popular Farmville-based gaming concept to the blockchain sphere. With the support of our investors and strategic partners, the investment round will be instrumental in scaling our growth, operations and overall user-acquisition strategy. With our vivid vision of revolutionizing the Play2Earn Metaverse, Happyland’s game aims to expand its game reach to the masses.”

Building an agriculture farming metaverse on the blockchain ecosystem

Happy Land is heralding an innovative gaming system to the blockchain industry. The project is building a play-to-earn agriculture-stimulation platform that will enable players to manage farmlands, harvest crops, raise livestock and earn in the gaming metaverse just as in the real world. In the last decade, the popular online game, Farmville, has gained insane traction and promotion from millions of users. Inspired by this concept, Happy Land seeks to build on the proven game idea that revolves around several exciting aspects of farm management including planting, growing and harvesting, plowing lands and raising livestock.

Designed uniquely to cause a paradigm shift in the industry of gaming, the project features a farming and city system that will include shopping malls, entertainment venues, and a list of engaging scenes and activities for an exponential experience.

In the Happy Land metaverse, players will be immersed completely into the role of a farmland owner cultivating farm crops, breeding farm pets, and taking care of their metaverse. The farming and city system in Happy Land, arrayed with a shopping mall and intriguing scenes as well as 3D characters, will improve users' experience as they enjoy the overall gaming and earning space. The project is also building a marketplace termed “farm order,” where players can trade products to gain experience and tokens.

The farming metaverse that Happy Land seeks to establish with this fund at its disposal will be a leading project in the play-to-earn industry. Game enthusiasts and players from all over the world can experience farming in a virtual world of amazing features and fun-filled activities.

About Happy Land

Happy Land is a highly innovative and novel blockchain gaming project. Aside from being a play-to-earn platform, Happy Land is showcasing the best part of agriculture in a farming metaverse. The project is inspired by the Texas countryside in the United States. Happy Land is giving users the liberty to become farmland owners and explore the endless potentials of a virtual ecosystem. The project is building a multi-farm metaverse with many unique custom styles with which each player can participate.

With a brilliant team of highly experienced experts in the crypto sphere such as Khoa Phan, co-founder at Vtech JSC, a software and game developer and big data and AI researcher, Minh Nguyen, a software and game developer, and Dinh Le, a developer of in software and game applications, Happy Land is poised to be a revolutionary project in the gaming sector.

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