B-cube.ai is an all-in-one platform that brings advanced technology used by institutions to everyday retail users. The client and seed rounds began on March 16, 2021, and ended on March 20.

The private round starts on May 14, 2021. More information on the token launch will be announced on the company’s website and Telegram channel. 

What is b-cube.ai? 

The B-cube platform is the ultimate, ready-made toolkit where crypto traders can find AI-based trading bots, signals, a crypto academy and much more all in one place.

B-cube was originally started as a research and development project in partnership with Université Paris-Saclay. After two years of research, the company began to welcome clients in April 2020. The AI engine generates trading signals using sentiment analysis and advanced mathematical models, which are executed by a bot in the clients’ own accounts. Bots can be connected to the customer’s own Binance or FTX account with API keys.

More details on the token launch

BCUBE is an ERC-20 utility token of the Ethereum protocol. A total of 8 million tokens are to be sold for $0.15 in the private round in May 2021 and another 7 million in the public sale. It is not possible to create more than the maximum of 50 million tokens.


  • 1% - Bounty 
  • 15% - Development fund
  • 14% - Reserves
  • 10% - Team
  • 5% - Advisors
  • 5% - Contributors and supporters
  • 50% - For sale

Use cases of the BCUBE token 

  • Payment: buying trading signals, bots and educational courses available on the marketplace or any other future product or service. Fiat payments will be allowed, but those payments will be immediately converted to BCUBE.
  • Staking: The tokens locked for a given period will grant access to the different levels of privileges as described in the white paper.
  • Holding: Get more privileges than with simple staking by holding for a longer period of time. The longer the client stakes, the more benefits they get.
  • Referral: If friends or family buy any products or services on the B-cube platform using a referral link, then the referrer will be paid a 10% commission on the total amount of their transactions in BCUBE tokens.
  • Update and evolution: There are many more things in the pipeline for the BCUBE project that are unlisted in the roadmap. BCUBE tokens will be the only way to access those products and services.

Unique features of the token launch

  • Staking: The staking program allows users to benefit from free bots, trading signals, educational content and other privileges.
  • Price warranty: The price of the token will be fixed at the same price at which it was paid during the private or public rounds if the token is used to buy products and is less on the publicly traded exchange. That applies as long as the tokens are exhausted.
  • Staking reward program: For a limited period of time, get 20%–30% APR to participate in the liquidity pool. This program will start after the TGE.
  • Burning program: A step-by-step burning program will be in place for the next few years to lower the circulating supply. A percentage of the tokens collected for payment of the services and products on the platform will be burned until 50% of the total supply has been burned. 
  • Vesting: The tokens are vested over a period of several years for the team and advisors and over a period of a few months for participants. 

What does the B-cube.ai platform have to offer?

What is especially worth highlighting about the B-cube project is that the founders are not asking for resources to make a future product. B-cube.ai already has products that work and has a growing customer base.

The funds will be spent to develop the company with new services and to improve the technology.

Build your own AI/ML bots: In this feature, the company gives an already working AI/ML layer, on top of which the customer can build their own models and bots.

DEX trading bot: DEX bots work with profit sharing. If a trade wins, the customer and the company share the profits at a ratio of 80:20 automatically through a smart contract.

DeFi stake and trade: The customer can attach their wallet to B-cube’s smart contract and earn interest on their cryptography when there is nothing to trade.

Social copy trading and crypto academy: Trader courses will be available in one place at the academy. 

White paper

Tutorial for the KYC and token purchase 

Telegram chat

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