Event details

Aioka Race Weekend at Boulevard Pool

Cosmopolitan Hotel

16th-18th November

Open from 18:00 until 2 am

Aioka’s iconic race weekend event

Aioka will transform The Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool into an electrifying race extravaganza. Guests will have an incredible aerial view of the race while enjoying live DJs, signature cocktails and much more. Aioka Race Weekend brings over ten years of the Grand Prix’s most infamous hospitality experiences to the city that never sleeps.

Aioka has one of the prime positions on the Las Vegas strip with the ‘Aioka Pool Deck’ at the Cosmopolitan Hotel for the inaugural Las Vegas Race Weekend, directly overlooking the circuit and providing entertainment and high-end service it is positioned to give all attendees the best possible experience of that is certain to be an amazing show!

Elevate your experience with Aioka concierge

In addition to delivering the ultimate Race Weekend experience, Aioka Concierge is your trusted partner for all Race Weekend-related needs. We offer comprehensive concierge services, including transportation, plane tickets or private planes, hotel bookings, paddock access bookings, and unforgettable experiences. Aioka is a pioneer in bespoke and exclusive experiences for racing aficionados across the region.

Info & bookings

Aioka Race Weekend

Phone: UK: +44 748 151 4444, UAE: +971 55 549 0275

Email: info@aioka.com

Website: www.aioka.com

About Aioka

Aioka is a global leader in Racing hospitality, hosting events around the world, including Singapore, Monaco, Las Vegas, Miami, and more. With a commitment to delivering unparalleled luxury and entertainment, Aioka sets the standard for Race Weekend experiences.