Alfacash is a non-custodial crypto exchange that has been running since 2012, providing simple solutions to complex problems, such as how to buy cryptocurrency for those who are new in the space. This was accomplished by providing a very simple and clean UX that every user will find easy to use. The process of buying crypto within Alfacash has been made even simpler with the introduction of debit and credit card purchasing through Simplex. Last year, the team worked hard to develop the services offered and expand the community.

Their affiliate program helps to introduce new users to the platform by providing them with a way to invite friends and earn up to 20% interest for every new user on their trades. You can sign up now — — and refer your friends.

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New cryptocurrency additions

Currently, Alfacash offers 28 different cryptocurrency pairs that users can trade with ease. However, Alfacash has decided to publish five new assets to be immediately available:

  • Wrapped Bitcoin
  • Uniswap
  • Dai
  • Maker

The team at Alfacash believes it is essential to keep adding new assets to its platform to ensure it stay up to date with current market trends and reaches the full potential for the users.

What you can expect in the future

  • Support for international bank cards worldwide (pay-in/pay-out features).
  • Our own card program for 2021.
  • Discounts, special programs and more surprises.
  • Find the full list of supported cryptocurrencies here

Alfacash is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to buy, sell, exchange cryptocurrency, or transfer funds to a bank account at minimum cost.

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