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RenQ Finance is developing the world’s first all-in-one multichain decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. It has now launched the first stage of its crypto presale, with more than $100,000 worth of its native RenQ Finance (RENQ) token already sold on day 1.

While other DeFi protocols have suffered by trying to build complicated and overambitious DeFi products, RenQ Finance will focus on security, accessibility and sustainability in their products, which empower RenQ’s users with a comprehensive solution by providing them a platform that has the benefits of a centralized exchange and beyond.

Furthermore, the earliest investors will be able to take advantage of the RENQ token at its lowest price. The first stage of the presale is available for just $0.02, with the price increasing through eight rounds.

RenQ Finance to focus on security and accessibility

Throughout its white paper, RenQ Finance makes it clear that its aim is to create a single decentralized platform that can cater to the needs of all users under one single platform while letting users control their assets at all times.

In recent months, the cryptocurrency industry has seen a series of major disasters involving some of its largest players, including Terra, Celsius and FTX. Despite claims that these disasters were caused by “foul play” or large companies bullying each other, the underlying problem remains the centralization and lack of transparency of these companies.

DeFi platforms, on the other hand, stand apart from their centralized counterparts by following strict autonomous smart contracts, most of which are open-sourced, allowing anyone to verify their inner workings.

Despite the success of many decentralized exchanges (DEXs) in these areas, they still suffer from drawbacks like failed trades, delayed order execution, front-running, high slippage and a lack of the advanced features offered by centralized exchanges.

This is where RenQ Exchange comes in. RenQ Finance is an innovative multichain noncustodial decentralized exchange that brings a new level of decentralization to trading. Unlike centralized exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, Renq provides users with a direct trading option through their wallet app, giving them complete control over their financial resources.

RenQ’s mission is to provide a one-stop solution for all users under one platform by connecting all isolated blockchains and establishing a cross-chain asset exchange network, providing all necessary underlying support for the DeFi ecosystem. Let every digital asset holder experience truly safe, free and transparent DeFi activities, including swapping, farming, mining, staking, lending, borrowing and shorting — while keeping control of their assets at all times.

Highlights of Renq

All-in-one solution: Renq provides a unified platform for all trading requirements.

Never-ending liquidity: The aggregation protocol utilized by Renq obtains its liquidity from various exchanges and can distribute a single trade transaction across multiple DEXs to obtain the most competitive prices.

High leverage: Long or short, high-leverage traders can trade with up to 100x leverage.

Governance portal: Utilize the governance portal to add new markets or propose other protocol changes.

Cross-chain compatibility: Cross-chain is the interoperability between two relatively autonomous blockchains.

Security: Renq doesn’t store any user assets; moreover, Renq offers two-factor authentication (2FA) security options for users to keep their keys and funds secure.

Check every detail about RenQ Finance in its white paper.

RenQ Finance presale and tokenomics

As mentioned above, RenQ Finance has just launched the first stage of its presale, with the taxless ERC-20 token RENQ now on sale for $0.02.

Through eight presale rounds, RENQ prices will increase to $0.055, meaning those who purchase now will have an asset that has already risen by 175% before even launching on exchanges.

RENQ has a strict maximum supply of just 1 billion tokens, with 500 million (50%) of those allocated to the presale. There will be no vesting period on presale tokens, with a hard cap of 19.3 million. Another 15% of the supply has been allocated for exchange listings and liquidity.

The other 350 million tokens are divided between the continued development of the ecosystem (35% of the max supply), vaults (10%), staking pools (10%), farms (10%) and the team (5%). Those tokens will be vested and linearly unlocked between 36 and 48 months.

The RenQ Finance team is doxed and has been Know Your Customer verified by Coinsult, with the RENQ token audited by a popular and trusted audit provider.

How to buy RENQ during the presale

RENQ tokens are now on sale and can be purchased through the dedicated presale platform.

Step 1: Download wallet

A DeFi cryptocurrency wallet is required to purchase RENQ tokens. MetaMask and Trust Wallet are free and secure and highly recommended.

Step 2: Acquire Ether

To purchase RENQ, Investors will need Ether (ETH) in their wallets to buy RENQ. This can be purchased via an exchange and sent to the wallet or purchased directly through the wallet.

RENQ can also be purchased with Tether (USDT).

Note: ETH will be required in the wallet to cover the Ethereum gas fee.

Step 3: Convert ETH to RENQ

Once users have ETH in their wallet, connect to the RENQ’s website and select the desired option.

Then, input the number of tokens you wish to purchase and press “buy now.” A separate window will appear to finalize the transaction and cover the ETH gas fee. Finally, click “confirm.”

Step 4: Claim RENQ tokens

RENQ tokens will be stored on the RenQ Finance presale contract until the presale has finished. When the time comes, investors can claim their tokens through RenQ Finance’s website claim portal.


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