ArthSwap, the No.1 DEX on Polkdot, has announced a few days ago that its project token, ARSW, will be listed on as well as its own DEX. 

Users of ArthSwap have been accumulating ARSW for the past few months ever since the launch of the project in January 2022, mostly through liquidity mining. There were quite some users participating in ARSW IDO on ArthSwap IDO Launchpad back in April, 2022 as well and in this event, one million ARSW were purchased. ARSW, however, has remained untradable because ARSW is not listed anywhere yet. ArthSwap team has been strictly following its roadmap to ensure a healthy and steady growth of the project. Now the good news is that the first ARSW listing on CEX, which is and the listing on ArthSwap itself will finally be with us by the end of June, 2022. 

Listing schedules

Before being listed on, ARSW will be first made transferable through its TGE. ARSW will be made transferable in this TGE event so that users will have their ARSW ready to be transferred to before the listing. A few hours later, ARSW listing on will officially start. On the same day, ARSW will be listed on ArthSwap as well. 

For this listing, ArthSwap will add a WASTR/ARSW pool with considerably high APR, with more pools containing ARSW to be added in the future. 

Schedule table

  • TGE: 8:00 AM, June 28 (UTC)
  • Listing on Gate: 11:00 AM, June 28 (UTC)
  • Other CEXs: coming soon
  • Listing on ArthSwap (WASTR/ARSW): 1:00 PM, 28th June (UTC)

ArthSwap team is also sending out a friendly reminder that this time schedule reflects the arrangements for a series of events expected to happen on the day of June 28, 2022. Minutes of delay should be expected due to potential technical issues such as network responsiveness, deployment operations, etc. ArthSwap team also wants to remind the users that there might be fake pools or scams emerging around the time of ARSW listings and therefore it is important that users ONLY follow the official news and updates released by ArthSwap team. 

KickOff strategy for the listing

In order for the trading process to go smoothly, ArthSwap team plans to take on the market making of ARSW by itself. Its market making strategies include buy-back ARSW on ArthSwap, as well as marketing making on CEXes. Listing on ArthSwap two hours after the listing on is strategized for the same purpose of avoiding token volatility and ensuring a more stable and sustainable trading. Moreover, in order to avoid a situation where users who wish to buy or sell a large amount of ARSW cannot effectively trade immediately after the listing on ArthSwap, ArthSwap team plans to kick off the initial liquidity with a considerable amount of ARSW. The exact amount will be revealed on the day of the listing.

ARSW utilities

One of the users’ concerns is the utilities of ARSW so that they know they have made a good investment in the long run. ARSW utilities ArthSwap team is planning to implement are as follows:

  • ARSW will be available for staking in pairs with other tokens.
  • Future ArthSwap IDO Launchpad events will allow users to use ARSW to purchase and pay for their desired IDO tokens!
  • Plan to have a WASTR/ARSW trading pair on the day of the listing, with more and more pairs being added in the future.

You can check their mid and long-term roadmap here

There will be a variety of events before the listings that will offer more perks and benefits to our users, as ArthSwap team is working closely with the team, such as a rewarding AMA and a trade campaign! You wouldn’t want to miss such opportunities. 

Please check their social media for more details as they become available.