Singapore, October 25, 2022 — The collectors of GKs, also known as anime figures, have come to Web3. As one of a few known buy-to-earn (B2E) ecosystems, the transparent, blockchain-supported platform called Allizart is a marketplace where collectors can buy, trade, redeem and get Tether (USDT) rewards.

First GK NFTs successfully sold out

Allizart's first incubative project “GOLD SAINT SEIYA: VIRGO SHAKA” sold out within 30 minutes last Saturday, October 22. Its success proves that the technological innovation of NFTs has tremendous potential and value when it comes to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) assets. But to fully understand the project, one must first understand exactly what Allizart does and what kind of features it brings to the table. 

B2E — A vital element of sustainable tokenomics

In light of the B2E method becoming a game-changer in the web3 world, the number of registered members on Allizart has reached more than 10,000 within a week. 

So what does B2E actually mean for collectors?

B2E means every time someone buys and participates in events, they will earn something. In other words, instead of going home empty-handed after waiting for hours to purchase the desired item, no matter if it is limited-edition sneakers, collectibles or designer bags, one will always be rewarded with (100 + n)% USDT through the Allizart website.

Let’s take Allizart’s “Project Zero'' as an example — the participating rate is only 1 USDT! For those who win a limited-licensed Saint Seiya GK, the value is around 1,300 USDT on Allizart’s secondary market. Otherwise, those who do not receive the GK will be able to redeem for the original price of the NFT + n% USDT bonus. To sum up, one can always earn by buying in any situation!

Licensed comic IPs with boutique Web3 service

As the world's first licensed Web3 animation marketplace to buy and sell products, Allizart cooperates with many well-known studios to launch legitimate intellectual property (IP) art and merchandise for sale. All anime-related products, including the GKs, are license-certified like many top-notch IPs such as Naruto, One Piece, Saint Seiya and more. 

Allizart’s steady-growth partnerships make it a well-respected platform and its growing community of Discord members agree. Many community members are convinced that B2E tokenomics will thrive in the Allizart community and bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 users, creating immense opportunities for comic fans in the long term.

“This emerging star of the comic community seems to grow much faster than we think compared to any other Web3 projects,” said one of the holders at Allizart.

Top 3D AR technology to scan and present the GK anime figures

AR brings GKs to life in Web3

Allizart uses 360-degree AR technology to render its GK prototypes, allowing customers to pan around the items and zoom in from all angles before making a final decision to purchase. There is also a mobile app in production for customers to download and display their collected GKs and NFTs with a 3D, 360-degree viewing option.

Regardless of one’s love of anime, anyone can experience how Web3 is making a revolutionary change in the world of comics. Allizart is a great place for the anime community to join together in the metaverse, providing a platform to serve as a marketplace and bridge connecting Web2 and Web3. 

One can use the links below to go and register for Allizart on its website as well as its growing community on Discord, where anyone can get their questions answered.

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