AllStars Digital (ASD) is excited to announce the launch of the world’s first digital sports exchange. 

ASD is a crypto-enabled platform that lists perpetual futures on some of the world’s greatest sports players and collects real-time analytics on popular athletes worldwide. These analytics are coupled with cutting-edge blockchain technology for users to trade and leverage the performance of their favorite sports stars.

The platform wants to foster a new age of viewer engagement by letting its users buy, sell and trade based on player performance — not just binary bets.

Introducing a new kind of digital asset

Investing in digital assets has become increasingly popular, as demonstrated by the tenfold increase in the nonfungible token (NFT) market from 2018 to 2020. However, there’s a current limit to the variety of digital assets. 

ASD is offering a new alternative — a first-of-its-kind digital sports asset. Taking into consideration the challenges and weaknesses that traditional gambling holds, ASD wants to disrupt the sports betting industry by offering a non-binary solution: the perpetual player position. Users can hold trades on Cristiano Ronaldo for a match, a season or his entire career — and that’s groundbreaking.

What AllStars Digital does differently

ASD is the world’s first performance-based sports exchange, focusing on the next generation of sports traders. The project seeks to democratize trading on the performance of athletes via a digital economy based on a blockchain token, AllStars Coin (ASC). With the target set to launch during this year’s third quarter, the primary focuses are football — not to be confused with American football — and cricket: two of the largest sports on the planet in viewership. 

With this year’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar and the T20 World Cup in Australia, both later this year, it’s going to be a huge year for AllStars Digital.

ASD focuses on real-time performance. All stats are tracked based on the real-time performance of players. The platform calculates real-time indexes and continuously updates real-time buy and sell prices during the day. Because of this, trades aren’t a binary bet: In contrast, trades are contingent on an athlete’s holistic performance, with all performance elements considered.

ASD’s ASC token is the centerpiece of the project, providing VIP access to every AllStars platform. It also gives tokenholders access to unique utilities such as the ability to play exclusive, guaranteed prize fantasy games. Tokenholders can also stake, earn and have access to sporting NFTs.

Participating in AllStars Digital

Becoming a user on AllStars Digital is as simple as purchasing the ASC token and connecting a cryptocurrency wallet to the exchange. ASD is currently in its beta phase and has its official launch in the third quarter of 2022. While its focus is currently on football and cricket, other sports such as basketball are planned for 2023, along with significant leaps in Web3 decentralized finance.

ASD provides the perfect opportunity for sports fanatics and regular investors: Users can leverage their sports knowledge to take calculated positions, potentially turning their passion into profit.

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