AMANPURI EXCHANGE, which has MSB License (Money Business License) in the United States, expands its community around the world, and gains support from Community, is going to start Leverage trading in 2019. And Spot trading will start from 25th November 2019.

We announced that we will conduct a Big campaign (Total prize over 40 BTC) entitled “Final AirDrop” and “Let’s move to AMANPURI from BitMEX Campaign.”

AMANPURI will carry out various campaigns such as Airdrop, AMAL NET holdings competition, Trading battle by ROE ranking (weekly & monthly).

Contents of the campaign (Total prize over 40 BTC!)

  • Final Airdrop (15 November~8 December 2019)
  • AMAL NET HOLDING competition (25 November~23 December 2019)
  • Monthly ROE ranking by LeverageTrade (January 2020)

AMANPURI give away Total Prize over 40 BTC!

1. Final AirDrop (15th November to 8th December)
Account registration, KYC, and questionnaires.
You can receive up to $ 10 worth of AMAL with Airdrop.
For more details, please check here.

2. “Let’s move to AMANPURI from BitMEX Campaign Vol.1”
Ranking of AMAL NET holdings(25 November~23 December 2019)
*Net holdings = buy-sell-withdrawal
(Excluding AMAL held before 25th November)
1st  : 5BTC +10,000 AMAL
2nd : 1BTC +8,000 AMAL 
3rd  : 0.1BTC +7,000 AMAL
4-10th : 0.01BTC +5,000 AMAL
11-50th : 3,000 AMAL
51-100th : 1,000 AMAL
*Every week announce 1st Prize user and give away 0.1 BTC!
*AMAL will be lock up by Perpetual dividend right.

3.“Let’s move to AMANPURI from BitMEX Campaign Vol.2~4”
Leverage Trading on BTC / USDT profit contest
Because it is a contest to compete for ROE (Return on Equity), it is not affected by the amount of funds.
(Vol.2 For 56 days from January 2020)
(Vol.3 For 56 days from April 2020)
(Vol.4 For 56 days from July 2020)
1st : 10BTC + 10,000 AMAL
2nd : 1BTC + 8,000 AMAL 
3rd : 0.1BTC + 7,000 AMAL
4-10th : 0.01BTC +5,000 AMAL
11-50th : 3,000 AMAL
51-100th : 1,000 AMAL
*Weekly results will be published and there will be a prize of 0.1 BTC in the first place in the ranking.
*AMAL will be locked up by Perpetual dividend right.

About crypto asset exchange AMANPURI

AMANPURI is holding MSB License in the USA. AMANPURI is a crypto exchange that was born by adopting good parts of BitMEX and Binance, exchanges that boast the world's top trading volume, from various viewpoints such as discount fees, up to x100 leverage, spot trading, referrals, and customer support.

Leverage up to x100

The biggest feature of AMANPURI is the height of the maximum leverage multiple. The multiple is 100 times, and the crypto asset exchange boasts the highest level in Japan and overseas.

BitMEX, which has outstanding trading volume, is popular because it allows you to trade 100 times the leverage with transparent board matching. However, the amount of leverage that you can apply for leveraged trading is charged accordingly. In other words, this is a heavy burden on the users.

On the other hand, like Binance’s BNB, AMANPURI can reduce the transaction fee to half by paying the transaction fee with its original token AMAL.

About AMAL

AMANPURI has issue AMAL as platform Token, It IEO on August 10 at BIKI Exchange.

By using AMAL, the transaction fee can be reduced to 50%.

Since it can be used not only for spot trading but also for leveraged trading, it can greatly reduce the burden on active traders.

In addition, once you hold 10,000 AMAL you can get 5% of the exchange’s profits as dividends. AMAL dividends are paid to users' accounts daily in BTC, and as the number of users and transaction volume increases, dividends also increase.

About referral

Amanpuri has a referral called the referral program.

This will return up to 40% of the transaction fee you refer to in real-time to your account.

If the person you introduce further introduces a friend, that person's transaction fee will also be reduced.

You will be returned to your account in real-time.

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