Analog aims to unlock the potential of time data to transform how we do things. Last chance to procure ANLOG before its initial coin offering (ICO) wraps up.  

San Francisco, California – Analog, a startup based in the Golden Gate City, is a decentralized blockchain network that seeks to provide the building blocks of apps to come — bringing about paradigm shifts with how the world interacts with time. 

The Analog team is working on a way to remove the inaccuracies surrounding time data validation with what it has named the “Timechain,” which features a brand-new proof-of-time (PoT) consensus mechanism to establish an indisputable history of events. 

Instead of analyzing computational effort or stake held, the PoT algorithm evaluates a node’s time data relevancy score, its tenure as a participant on the Timechain, its historical time data validation accuracy and the average weighted value of nearby nodes in order to validate submitted time data. 

“Essentially, the Timechain is a blockchain where incoming time data from participants, or nodes, is first validated before hashed – resulting in a searchable hub of immutable time data: the Analog Timegraph,” the team explains.

To maintain privacy, the Timegraph employs a privacy-enabled and recursive zero-knowledge proof protocol, or zk-SNARKs. This allows time data to be transferred cross-chain and between applications without compromising the underlying time data itself, so information sensitivity isn’t jeopardized.

Network of many uses

Leveraging the data from the Timegraph, it would be easy to trace the historical timeline of an outcome or process flow, specifically the chain of events associated with it.

Take, for instance, the Surfside condo collapse — an issue that may have been avoided if structural problems were addressed. Analog could have been pivotal in incentivizing pertinent parties to contribute time-stamped data on the structure, such as proof of maintenance work or eyewitness reports of structural damage. This data (or lack thereof) would have warned about the impending collapse long before it occurred.

In another example, a courier driver consults his Analog-linked delivery app to check if he should deliver a parcel to John. The app would determine, via John’s submission of time data to the Timechain, if he is at home or away — perhaps on vacation until the weekend. The delivery driver won’t know what John’s up to, because the app would only display ‘deliver’ or ‘don’t deliver’ instructions.

Analog is also available as an iOS/Android app, on which users will be able to create updates, or Analogs, that are visible to relevant parties and searches. Users will also be incentivized to submit time data via the app and can choose to pull time data from third-party apps such as calendar events and recurring financial commitments for convenience. The app is currently in its beta stage and these features are expected to be available in Q1 2022, along with a web app.

In the coming months, we should see the Timechain testnet launch. Developers can then build decentralized applications (DApps) on the Timechain, while the Analog Wallet and decentralized exchange (DEX), which will be compatible with Ether (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Bitcoin (BTC) and ANLOG, are also in the pipeline.


The ANLOG token is the native cryptocurrency of the Analog network, acting as a utility token for the ecosystem. It will be the default currency to incentivize calls to action on Analog. 

Analog’s goal is to merge money with time. Participants who submit time-stamped data to the Timechain stand to receive ANLOG rewards based on set criteria.

ANLOG was recently revealed and is available exclusively through the company’s first public ICO for a limited window which shuts on Oct. 23, 2021, at 10 am PST. That leaves only hours for anyone who wants to buy ANLOG at its genesis price. Purchases can be made on the Analog website using ETH or BNB.

2021-2022 roadmap 

The current Analog investor syndicate includes X Fund, Ekesius Capital, Educated Ventures, Wieckowski Investments and Black Label Media, a Hollywood Studio behind movies such as La La Land and Sicario.

Analog’s potential is vast and its benefits are tangible, with the means to not only improve how things are done but overhaul them altogether. Don’t be surprised if you come across it in one form or another in the future. You could make the rendez-vous with Analog much sooner, of course. Time is of the essence if you want to be among the very first to join Analog’s growing community.

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