Every emerging market brings with it a sea of skeptics, and this is something we have seen very prominently within the crypto market. Minor “issues” and hiccups such as delays in communication or technical difficulties are reason enough to spread “FUD” — fear, uncertainty and doubt — among the community. With crypto’s main purpose centered around transparency and governance among the people, there should be no reason to bite the hand that feeds you. Those who choose to educate themselves on the pros and cons of crypto may find that sourcing valid information is quite the task.

This is where Anatha CEO Edward DeLeon steps in. During the 2008 financial crisis, DeLeon fled to Hawaii and soon after found his new love: Bitcoin (BTC). Discovering crypto was the spark that led to the massive fire that fuels DeLeon’s passion. Through Anatha’s ecosystem, he aims to educate the masses on what crypto really is by providing a series of free educational videos for users to watch.

“Ed Talks”

This series of educational videos, known as “Ed Talks,” takes viewers by the hand and provides them a step-by-step breakdown of not only what crypto actually is but also its benefits and current state. With a series of unorthodox topics such as the lack of leadership in crypto, present environmental effects, regulations and the limits within philanthropy, DeLeon aims to truly dive deep and provide the truth.

As DeLeon previously stated, “Any nation-state that thinks they can regulate a globally distributed system will find the harsh reality of only regulating within their borders. They can only regulate their population, and in doing so, they’re only harming the very people they claim to be protecting.”

For those who are interested in diving deeper into the reality and future of crypto, click here to sign up for DeLeon’s series of free educational videos.

About Anatha

Anatha is an ever-growing set of decentralized apps where you can do a lot of the things you do now — create, share and discover content; mint, buy and store NFTs; store and manage all your cryptocurrencies; and more. But with Anatha, the revenue goes to you.