New York, NY — August 21, 2019: Anchor, a two-token, algorithmic stablecoin pegged to the sustainable and predictable growth trend of the global economy, launched beta testing today for the new Anchor Wallet in conjunction with announcing that it will be listed on Liquid by the end of August. Liquid, a unified, globally-sourced trading platform that bridges the worlds of fiat and crypto, plans to list Anchor’s stablecoin (ANCT) on their exchange, being the first to offer crypto traders, investors, and enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase, trade, and sell the first algorithmic stablecoin pegged to the global economy. With over $50 billion USD transactions in the last 12 months, Liquid will be the first platform to list ANCT.

“We are true believers of the impact cryptocurrencies can have on the future of finance, which drives us to support companies like Anchor,” stated Mike Kayamori, CEO and Co-founder of Liquid. “With the technology to provide stability against rising inflation and market volatility, we are excited to be the first exchange to launch a token pegged to the growth of the global economy.” 

Anchor Founder and CEO Daniel Popa said, “The release of our Anchor Wallet beta testing marks a significant step towards our preparation for launching on the premier exchange, Liquid. We are committed to offering token users long-term price stability and preservation of purchasing power.”

The Anchor Wallet, developed in partnership with Ambisafe, a global capital markets and blockchain infrastructure provider, is a digital wallet that can be used to purchase Anchor tokens (ANCT) with any fiat currency or major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC, and liquidated at any time by using the wallet’s transfer feature to any Ethereum wallet address.

Crypto traders and enthusiasts interested in participating in the Anchor Wallet’s closed beta testing can apply for access today by visiting If accepted, beta testers will have the ability to use all wallet features including buying, selling, exchanging, and transferring ANCT within the closed network. Participants will be encouraged and incentivized to provide valuable feedback to facilitate with the wallet’s development in the lead up to Anchor’s launch on its first exchange later this month. 

As part of its incentivization program for Anchor Wallet beta testers, Anchor is offering a welcome bonus of 25 ANCT to users upon completion of their first transaction of over 25 ANCT, which is equivalent to approximately $20 USD. Participants will also have access to the Anchor Wallet’s referral program enabling them to earn 5% of the monthly trading volume in ANCT for each new referral for the initial three (3) months. 

Ambisafe Founder Andrey Zamovskiy added, “Ambisafe is dedicated to providing the highest standard of security and functionality across all of our products and services. We are proud to partner with Anchor on the development of the Anchor Wallet and believe that their stablecoin, and the wallet we developed together will provide the stability and resilience from market volatility that the cryptocurrency market has been waiting for since the advent of stablecoins.”

A two-token, algorithmic stablecoin, Anchor is pegged to global economic growth via the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU). The Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) is a non-flationary financial index created by an algorithm that takes tracks a series of macroeconomic indicators to provide the most accurate, available measure of real value that exists in the world today. 

Anchor’s two-token model consists of Anchor Tokens (ANCT), that serve as the main currency/payment tokens; and Dock Tokens (DOCT), the utility tokens that stabilize the currency ensuring ANCT remains pegged to the MMU, regardless of external market fluctuations. DOCT cannot be used as a means of payment or transferred from one token holder to another, and can only be exchanged during Contraction and Expansion phases. Anchor’s elastic currency supply is regulated by the Contraction and Expansion mechanisms through which Anchor’s system will programmatically buy and sell, as well as burn and mint tokens in order to maintain ANCT’s price in equilibrium with the MMU. 

To celebrate its official launch on the Liquid exchange, as well as the release of the Anchor Wallet, and other exciting project developments, the Anchor team together with Michael Nye, crypto influencer and host of the Evolvement Podcast, will be hosting a networking event and panel discussion on the sidelines of Invest: Asia at the iconic 1919 Waterboat House in Singapore on September 12th, 2019 at 7pm. To register for Anchor’s event please visit

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