Animal Concerts and VRJAM join forces to shape the future of music with a strategic partnership to highlight the “A Hard Working Man” NFT collection (AHWM) — an NFT collection dedicated to the hustlers. Both brands will bring their collective expertise, resources and communities together to educate the public on the benefits their community-centric metaverse ecosystems and dedicated Web3 experiences will offer.

Since its inception in 2021, Animal Concerts has created a model where event management and technology capability co-exist in the metaverse space, demonstrating how a virtual platform can deliver interactive, immersive live shows. Animal Concerts further incorporates nonfungible token (NFT) technology as a medium for ticket issuance, allowing artists to personalize their fans’ experiences. 

As a live metaverse experience platform, VRJAM holds extensive experience in blockchain design and magnifying social connections. Its solution enables first-of-its-kind computer gaming as part of a larger mission to create a reality in which virtually anything is possible. VRJAM’s foundation starts with a future that imparts meaning and value, and it aims to enhance the human experience as the world turns to a hybrid digital/physical model.

Expanding on two already strong communities, the partnership between Animal Concerts and VRJAM will provide AHWM with the necessary support to create a community-centric ecosystem and dedicated Web3 experiences necessary to provide value to AHWM NFT holders and define the next generation of music.

A deeper dive into A Hard Working Man NFTs

The AWHM collection is designed as a three-tiered drop in collaboration with the metaverse entertainment company Animal Concerts. With a shared emphasis on community building, digital asset utility and real-world redeemables, the team's shared goal is to build a foundation that will make music fans and crypto enthusiasts go wild. To ensure crypto utility is not being overlooked, Cointelegraph has also been onboarded as the partner producing the original artwork for these highly sought-after, collectible NFTs.

AHWM NFTs are a labor of love that encapsulate the lifestyle and virtues of quintessential Americana. In each NFT, Snoop Dogg and Billy Ray Cyrus take on a different hard-working job: they're electricians, construction workers, farmers, mechanics and more. Depicting dozens of carefully crafted traits such as clothing, workplaces, expressions, grills and tattoos, these NFTs are uniquely collectible, and there are some juicy rewards in the mix as well. It's not every day one gets the opportunity to collect distinctive digital art of two renowned music legends in hard-working settings outside of music.

The start of something bigger

Given VRJAM’s hyper-realistic technology and virtual reality capabilities, the Animal Concerts community will witness further developments to what is just the beginning of the Animal Concerts ecosystem and its associated experiences. For those who are interested, consider joining the AHWM allowlist to take advantage of all the early access benefits that will be available to the community — let’s get to work!

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