RTrade Technologies is excited to announce TemporalX, an alternative IPFS client created by the company’s innovative development team.

TemporalX is a new IPFS client that utilizes the traditional IPFS protocol favoured by go-ipsf and js-ipfs, which enables compatibility with the rest of the network. TemporalX has no dependencies on go-ipfs and was built from the ground up to provide an efficient service without sacrificing functionality. The client allows for quick and scalable IPFS implementation that can provide commercial-grade services while maintaining interoperability with the rest of the IPFS network. TemporalX will feature a monitoring dashboard system to ensure you are always up to date with your nodes performance, uploads and a host of other metrics.

By developing an alternative IPFS client, TemporalX gives us the opportunity to work quickly, adding new features that may not have been possible using go-ipfs. Moving forward, we intend to pursue built-in overlay DHT functionality, multi-ipfs network capabilities, and additional functionality.

Alex Trottier RTrades CTO: “This is a huge milestone for our platform and IPFS users as we are on a continued mission to help drive this technology mainstream. This break though for IPFS will enable companies and users to have a faster lighter version of IPFS.”

TemporalX includes features like gRPC API, multi-datastore capabilities, reference counting, and forked optimized libraries including go-libp2p-kad-dht, go-libp2p-record, go-libp2p-swarm, Go-ipfs-blockstore, and IPNS/namesys. Those who wish to manage their own data outside of TemporalX can do so with their own pinning or referencing counting system.

The flexible design of TemporalX allows users to customize their services configurations to enable and disable systems like pubsub and IPNS as necessary.

As demonstrated by our benchmarks, TemporalX has consistent and predictable performance regardless of your workload. When leveraging the gRPC benefits, TemporalX can be up to 10 times faster than go-ipfs. When not leveraging gRPC benefits (re-establishing the connection every request) performance is 2-3 times faster than go-ipfs.

Because we have chosen to use gRPC, TemporalX is compatible with a wide variety of languages, including Golang, Python, JavaScript, Java, and more.  The gRPC and protocol buffer definitions are open source which allows you to easily integrate TemporalX with any project.

Over the coming months we intend to roll out functionality specific to TemporalX including built-in data replication, multi-ipfs network capabilities so your node can simultaneously run in two or more different IPFS networks relaying data in between and overlay DHTs.

About the Platform

Development of Temporal started in early 2018 and is currently utilized by companies such as Chainlink, Trusted Blockchain, exeDAO, Nebula AI and others. Our focus on contribution and quality can be shown with code merged into go-IPFS, go-IPNS and Libp2p main codebase.  Temporal provides some of the most resilient IPFS infrastructure used by Textile, Permaweb and others. We are dedicated to building and advancing IPFS technology for enterprises and users alike, with a focus on private networks, data storage and data monitoring systems.

Temporal, is open-source with scalable IPFS Infrastructure, allowing users to build or plug into production-ready applications on top of IPFS quickly. With modern tools and languages such as Golang and JavaScript, Temporal offers a free starter package featuring turnkey APIs, toolkits & storage to achieve enterprise-level scale and security without the need for expensive or cumbersome infrastructure. Temporal handles all the heavy lifting to provide even basic users with powerful IPFS products like pinning services w/ 3GB free, IPFS HTTP API proxy, folder uploads, TemporalX enterprise nodes, private network management and much more.

If you would like take TemporalX for a spin, reach out to request a free trial.

Join Temporal’s online community on Twitter or visit our company Website, Medium or Github for more information.