Like marriage, the blockchain stack one decides to build on is not always destined to be a lifelong commitment. In theory, one picks their network and sticks with it through thick and thin because the alternative — development with a faster, more scalable model — is frowned upon during certain market conditions. And yet sometimes, in practice, when irreconcilable differences get too much, the benefits of chain-hopping outweigh those of staying put and sticking it out.

With that in mind, there are times that are better than others for such pivots, as is the case of Another-1. Uncertain market conditions — and the fact that its token genesis event is yet to happen — allows its tech team to migrate all of its technology to a more suitable solution for its use case: the Polygon blockchain. 

Initially, the desire to build in the Cosmos space came from curiosity about creating an ecosystem where brands and designers could create a new phygital — i.e., physical and digital — asset class by launching nonfungible tokens (NFTs) on Another-1’s platform, letting them create micro-economies with the ability to launch on top of Another-1 by utilizing Cosmos’ full SDK capabilities. However, in hindsight, this fascination with Cosmos and its “internet of blockchains” distracted from realizing that although Cosmos is an amazing stack, Another-1 needs a completely different stack to achieve its goals.

A platform that focuses so much on NFTs, as the Another-1 platform does, can’t rely on a chain whose immaturity as an NFT standard protocol directly correlates with the growth and scalability of the Another-1 platform and token ecosystem. Despite still envisioning Another-1 as a multi-chain project, the team is determined to make that possible without the need for the Cosmos inter-blockchain communication protocol in order to reach the right communities.

This fact — combined with some intriguing conversations with Another-1 senior advisors — convinced the team it needs a protocol that allows NFT scaling to build the ultimate phygital fashion platform. This objective is also dependent on the Another-1 token ecosystem’s stability. 

The ultimate solution was obvious: Polygon, a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that enables developers to build scalable, user-friendly decentralized apps (DApps) with low transaction fees without ever sacrificing security. Polygon’s layer-2 (L2) capabilities allow for faster transactions and reduced gas costs that ultimately lead to more accessible and efficient domain management — an aspect crucial for further development of the Another-1 platform, as it will support an extensive amount of functionalities. 

To make things even better, the Ethereum 2.0 merge will subsequently have an enormous impact on the Polygon network. It will make it even faster and more efficient, as the upgrades to come with the layer-1 merge will be mirrored on Polygon’s L2 and will help make the Another-1 ecosystem one of the most efficient blockchain DApps for fashion and more. 

Polygon’s integration with leading secondary marketplaces will ensure that all assets created and launched on the Another-1 platform will get optimal market exposure. This is something that means a lot to Another-1 for the sake of its community, but it seems it means a lot to Polygon, too, as it was excited by Another-1’s switch and provided a grant to speed up the building process.

“PolygonDAO's mission is to expand the Web3 and Polygon ecosystem. Thus, it makes total sense for the DAO to support the Another-1 team in their effort to provide an exciting, new space for fashion companies to explore and expand in Web3.”
- Grendel, PolygonDAO lead

Ultimately, Another-1 chose Polygon for its composability, network effects and ecosystem quality. In addition, Polygon has proven to be the best blockchain to launch NFTs on, with high-frequency and retail-value transactions, which is exactly what the platform wants in becoming the hub for fashion on the blockchain.

Another-1, now utilizing Polygon, provides the ultimate, easily-scalable Web3 fashion platform, enabling brands and designers to create a new phygital asset class launched and traded on its marketplace with the ability to scale metaverse experiences and wearables and an empowering launchpad to explore and grow Web3 communities.

About Another-1

Another-1 is a platform built on the Cosmos blockchain for the trading, creation, and showcasing of hyped fashion goods, including exclusive collectibles and early-bird access drops. Utilizing NFTs and knowledge in the sneakers and crypto industries, it’s created a one-stop shop to crowdfund, design, produce and trade digital units of hype fashion backed by physical goods.

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