Earlier this year, the blockchain consulting firm organized Diwali celebrations in the metaverse for all employees. This time, the event attracts users from all over the world to celebrate Christmas.

Known as “Anfestier,” Antier’s metaverse event hosted large-scale Christmas celebrations for global users on Dec. 21 and 22.

The attendees participated in activities such as Christmas carols and prayers, dance and music, jackpot and merriment, firecrackers, tree decoration and more. The virtual church was the main center of attraction.

The event gathered momentum in no time, with hundreds of avatars swarming the Anfestier venue. The event recorded almost 1,000 attendees engaged in different activities when the celebrations ended. Antier’s meta-Christmas was held just before the Christmas holidays began, and it was a sheer joy for the tech team.

In addition to global participation, Anfestier registered an average attendance time of 15 minutes from every user, which testifies to the stimulating response to the event. Most participants revisited the metaspace at least twice to experience the avatar engagements.

Antier CEO Vikram Singh said:

“It is important to put forward the purpose behind every technology. Anfestier is an effort to educate the common users that metaverse means more than gaming. The virtual world eliminates physical distances and delivers a personalized experience. Imagine the impact it could have if we put the technology to appropriate use.”

Attendees kept hopping between the dance floor and live music streaming, Christmas tree decorating, virtual Christmas carols, Christmas elf bowling, sleigh rides, text and audio chats and competitions. The best part was the takeaways and exciting prizes.

While many attendees loved sleighing across the snowy pathways, others enjoyed the campfire. They also liked to see Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and made a wish. The colorful avatars were enjoying white snow, winter chills, visiting food booths and bursting firecrackers.

The attendees had the liberty to customize their avatars.

Behind the scenes: Unlocking blockchain and virtual reality

The oculus camera sensors were programmed to mimic hand movements so that every action of the hand and fingers was tracked and simulated in the virtual space.

The ocular controllers made moving across the different zones inside the metaverse easier. The attendees had an immersive experience, which included hand tracking, grabbing and mimicking.

The development team at Antier used Blender, while Unity was used for designing the platform. The attendees could text message with the help of Photon Chat, while Agora Voice Chat helped them to have audio chats.

The technologists used Photon Pun to add a multiplayer feature. With the capacity of hosting 1,000 people at a time, it helped to build a strong online community of metaverse enthusiasts.

The platform was built in WebGL and required just 4 gigabytes of RAM and a fast internet connection to have fun at Antier’s meta-Christmas event.

Enabling a metaverse experience accessible to everyone

Anfestier eliminated barriers to entry by adding web access to the event. Participants who didn’t have the hardware gear to sign up could join by logging on to the event’s website. This encouraged participants worldwide to meet each other regardless of their regional and cultural backgrounds.

Anfestier was an opportunity to experience a parallel world and was an excellent medium for personal and professional networking. Not to be missed, the event participation was free and only required a form-fill registration.

Alongside user participation, popular names from the blockchain industry also marked their presence and offered exciting giveaways and prizes. These were Unstoppable Domains, Sumsub, AnCrypto and Changelly.

Anfestier already planning more events in the future

The attendees excitedly shared their experiences and thanked the organizers for an elegant and enjoyable virtual get-together. Likewise, the Anfestier team, based on the inspirational feedback, pledged to go bigger in its next event.

To make Web3 products accessible to everyone, Antier is focused on actualizing similar initiatives and spreading awareness about the use cases.