Anyswap is pleased to announce that from now on, Anyswap shall be known as Multichain! 

Founded in July 2020, Anyswap was originally positioned as a cross-chain DEX. In early 2021, Anyswap removed the DEX function and focused on cross-chain bridge services. To provide users with better cross-chain services, Anyswap has decided to upgrade the brand to Multichain. Multichain takes what Anyswap has achieved to date with a refreshed visual identity and an updated brand vision. It will be dedicated to being the leading infrastructure for cross-chain. 

Multichain, a cross-chain Router Protocol

Multichain is a cross-chain Router Protocol (CRP), an infrastructure developed for the seamless flow of on-chain assets’ interoperability. It aims to become the ultimate router of Web 3.0.

Having evolved from Anyswap, Multichain provides a mature real-time CRP system, which allows assets on all networks to inter-operate with each other.

Multichain boasts leading advantages in security, speed and user experience. In terms of security, the most significant part is the non-custodial + multi-party computation (MPC) model, which is the core technology of Multichain that guarantees the security of on-chain assets. Multichain is by far the best solution for cross-chain interaction. It has completed multiple rounds of security audits by TrailOfBits, SlowMist and PeckShield. Please check the audit reports at In a further security measure, Multichain has set up a bug bounty program to reward well-written mission-critical bug reports from the community to minimize system and software vulnerabilities. Last but not least, Multichain has set up a security fund to ensure ongoing system operation and fund security in the event of unexpected exploits. Recent impressive upgrades have increased the cross-chain transfer speed, making them four times faster, with the average transaction speed having been lowered to 100 seconds, an absolutely surprising improvement. To further facilitate users, Multichain merged and simplified its cross-chain interface. The "bridge" is integrated with "router," which means one entry to all cross-chain swaps. Multichain has also introduced Zendesk system customer service, providing unparalleled  24/7 services to our users. 

MULTI Tokenomics

MULTI will replace ANY to be the governance token. It allows MULTI token holders to vote and participate in the governance of the community and ecosystem.  

Upgraded from Anyswap, Multichain is re-positioned as an infrastructure developed for on-chain asset interoperability, the ultimate router for Web 3.0. The  MULTI tokenomics will be explained below. 

The total supply of MULTI will be 100 million as the fixed exchange rate for ANY:MULTI is 1:1 and the total supply of ANY is 100 million. The current ANY circulating supply is 18,639,320, accounting for 18.64% of the total. Once the conversion is completed, MULTI circulation will be 18,639,320 while the uncirculated accounts for 81.36%.

The non-circulating MULTI tokens are locked in smart contracts. There will be governance votes for MULTI utility in the future. Until then, the tokens will not be unlocked.

Meanwhile, ANY tokenomics for buyback and burn will also be upgraded to the veMULTI model. For more details, stay tuned for follow-up announcements. 

Convert ANY to MULTI 

It is a one-way swap to convert ANY to MULTI; the other way around is not supported. There’s no time limit set for the conversion, but please note that once the conversion is completed, ANY tokens will be locked in the smart contracts, so we suggest that you complete it ASAP in case of any unnecessary loss. 

The conversion will only be initiated by ANY owners. It is a fixed ratio at ANY: MULTI =1:1. 

Multichain will launch the conversion scheme very soon. For details, please await a later announcement. 

Convert at Multichain official website:

Free Listing on Multichain 

All cross-chain applications are welcome to use Multichain cross-chain router services free of charge. Multichain looks forward to partnering with more projects. Please click here for a free listing

How to use

Multichain has been optimized for a better user experience. Walk through the user guide now

The rebranding does not involve any changes to the operator, the services being used, nor will it affect the original partners. Original product and service commitments remain unchanged. The Multichain official website is live now. The original website will continue to provide services, however, it will no longer be updated.

Where to find Multichain