AOFEX will launch its “OT Airdrop Program” at 3:00 pm on November 4, 2021, which is designed to build closer connections with users, enable all OT holders to enjoy OT dividends, explore more application scenarios, contribute to the development of the blockchain industry and realize mutual benefits. In the “OT Airdrop Program” phase one, AOFEX will give away 120,000 of the native token OT. (For details, see the official announcement).

OT is an ERC-20-based digital asset issued by AOFEX, covering the platform’s all businesses across the world. Driven by the OT deflation mechanism and AOFEX’s globalization, AOFEX and its OT are growing rapidly and healthily. The “OT Airdrop Program” is important for the development of the OT ecosystem and covers all application scenarios so that all users in this ecosystem can enjoy the dividends of OT for the long term. “OT Airdrop Program” will take place from time to time. For the campaign details, please follow AOFEX’s official announcements.