Without a doubt, the play-to-earn (P2E) ecosystem is bringing forth an emerging value for video game players and investors.

Call of Meta is a new venture with RadarZero and a gaming model that will serve as a revolutionary addition to the nonfungible token (NFT) market in the metaverse. 

An innovative NFT gaming concept 

There are many NFTs out there, all stunning works of digital art, vying for attention. However, not only are people talking about Call Of Meta for its striking graphics, but they’re also noticing its unique role as a P2E game-changing addition to the digital economy’s future.

A powerful venture defines the future of blockchain gaming 

On Jan. 30, Call of Meta joined forces with RadarZero, a media company and impactful leader in the gaming and esports industries. Together, the companies aim to sustain an innovative infrastructure for gamers and investors to maximize NFT value creation. 

Call of Meta’s greatest strength and competitive edge in the blockchain gaming industry is its unique P2E model venture with RadarZero. The combination of the monetization model for players and NFT holders and RadarZero’s developed technological advancements are projected to drive solid business growth that will shape the industry’s future. 

Similarly, RadarZero has recognized the project’s potential and financial opportunities. In addition to the P2E concept, Call of Meta has a strong community benefiting from an innovative ranking system and offered battles with powerful NFT ape warriors. 

A dynamic community and shared monetization opportunities 

Victories in Call of Meta tournaments — as well as battles in most popular war games — take NFT value to the next level on the blockchain. Call of Meta has created a dynamic community and competitive environment with significant monetization opportunities for gamers and investors, marking traditional gaming monetization as a thing of the past. 

More about Call of Meta

Imagine a dystopia where humans have left the world and apes have risen to power to fight for their future. Call Of Meta is a unique collection of 9,770 3D ape warriors duking it out for the fate of the metaverse. All characters are created in the highest-quality 8K resolution and crafted by the world’s most talented digital artists. The ape warriors have distinct uniforms, weapons and fighting styles. 

Gamers have a fantastic opportunity to monetize their time playing video games, while investors can increase the NFTs’ values by sponsoring dedicated players. Rewards arrive in the form of luxurious giveaways and next-generation NFT ape warriors on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Blasters conquer the metaverse

The Blasters NFTs are available to purchase for whitelist members only. Getting whitelisted, receiving presale announcements and participating in fun giveaways are available to Call of Meta followers on Discord.

Not just a piece of artwork, but a call to battle

Players can show off their simian fighters on social media profiles or the NFT gallery of their choice, and Call of Meta has more to offer. It’s an NFT platform created not just for digital art enthusiasts but also for video gamers.

Call of Meta members will have guaranteed exclusive access to battles and tournaments. The game is making significant investments in gaming development so its community of NFT investors and gamers receive a unique, exhilarating and rewarding experience on the platform.

P2E is a significant buzzword in NFT investment circles at the moment, and Call of Meta wants to ensure the best of the best.

An investment opportunity for early buyers

Another great advantage of NFT acquisition is the increase in value over time. Not only can players’ Call of Meta investments grow as the metaverse expands, but early investors are offered the chance to join the game’s lifetime earning program. Call of Meta wants to thank its first cohort of loyal investors, with 3% of all future transactions going to the first buyer.

Only 9,700 community members will be allowed on the whitelist and will have the luck to own a great ape warrior.

Join the Discord for more information.

Enlist with Call of Meta today and get ready for pre-launch

Call of Meta will be opening its pre-launch shortly, and a limited number of fearless investors will be able to get on the whitelist and own a freshly-minted Call of Meta warrior from The Blasters collection.