Arcade nonfungible tokens were invented late at night by a group of friends reminiscing over their love for 90s movies and nights at their local arcade. At the beginning of 2021, the team started developing its vision of creating the hottest product on the market — interactive gaming NFTs. With this, the first release, the Genesis collection, sold out within an hour thanks to the huge and lovely community within the NFT sphere who helped drive the rapid sale.

The Genesis collection offers advanced NFT technology, combining 3D aesthetics with interactive gameplay functionality. The new release consists of 9,999 pieces and holds new games, designs and music. Owners can mint their NFTs through the Arcade NFT site using its smart contract.

By 2021, the NFT space has developed rapidly, both through an expanding market and by the increased quality of innovation within the collectibles space. This evolution is reciprocated in the Arcade Classics as each asset has a unique design, which can be seen in the promotional material for the September launch.

The outside of each console carries four different traits with several unique variations — namely the background, cabinet style, screen animations and artifact — which are also the possible combination of traits on the outside, resulting in 896 variations. As if that wasn’t enough, the design offers roughly over 672,000 possible outcomes for the game, which is staggering for an NFT that is already so stunning in design. Arcade NFT truly proves to have more 3D design traits than it originally let on.


To promote the Arcade Classics launch, there will be a tournament held until Sept. 30 at 11:59 pm. High scores achieved in the game will be saved on the blockchain and can be viewed online. The top 10 high scores will be rewarded with Ether (ETH) as follows: first place (5 ETH), second place (4 ETH), third place (3 ETH), fourth place (2 ETH), fifth place (1 ETH), and sixth to tenth place (free airdrop in the next release). This kind of NFT launch creates a new kind of experience that will not just attract newcomers to the industry but also pave the way for future launches. Based on the innovative ideas and high-quality artisanship we’ve seen so far, one can only assume that there is much more to come from Arcade NFT.

You need to be an owner of an Arcade Classics asset and connect your preferred wallet for owner confirmation, and will only be allowed to play your own Arcade Classics when competing in the tournament. You can mint yours here.

The future of NFTs

A lot has been said about the development of NFTs in recent months, often discussing the future of the industry. Ideas are generated in abundance and with so many innovative thinkers now involved, we can only start imagining how things will evolve in the coming years. We’ve witnessed the blossoming relationship between NFTs and the art world, where incredible 3D art designs have been created and established world-renowned artists have moved their production to a digital format.

In terms of innovative new technologies, NFTs are influencing a variety of different sectors in industries, from the development of NFT collectibles to the use of NFTs for functional purposes such as medical records and ticketing for events. Since each token is unique, it’s the ultimate way of representing certain data points and serviceable goods. What we are likely to see in the coming months are companies offering these kinds of services, revolutionizing the way we interact and bringing the use of NFTs into our everyday life.

While many will continue to speculate about the potential of NFTs, the fact is that what started as something hard to grasp in terms of value now offers something of substance. We can use the brilliance of blockchain technology to create innovations of all kinds. The integration is happening much quicker than was expected and OpenSea has been a huge factor in the explosion of collectible NFTs. However, the next step for the industry would be to move into functional usage and to dig deeper into how blockchain technology can continue to inspire new technology.

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